Dyan Connolly

HR Director/Career Coach, Savvis Communications

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Focus the lessons learned by The Gates Foundation to one village: health & wellness; financial services, agriculture or industry, education

If I won the $640M lottery last week, I was going to engage The Gates Foundation via a $5M donation to see if we could bring all their service areas together and create a wholistic master plan for one village. Apply the master plan and see if the needle could be moved in terms of: education, health, sustainable economic drivers, community development, peace.

This was an idea that jumped into my head and heart like a bright light.

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    Apr 5 2012: PW, the $?M gets me the conversation, my idea is not about the $?M but about bringing experts that The Foundation has collectively to an opportunity that may prove a workable mobel for other areas. We have learned to do this in the corporate world - we matrix around an opportunity, much stronger with vertical experts brining their best ideas to a specific problem. Does The Gates Foundation already do this? Dont know. Does anyone do anyon else do this? Dont know. I was hoping this could be a conversation.
  • Apr 4 2012: So you believe that there's one thing that we can currently do that costs $5M that would turn one village into a blooming wonderland of joy, yet somehow noone already does this? And you are not willing to spend more than 0,8% of your lottery winnings on this?

    Seen from a charitable point of view, you would do more good per theoretical lottery ticket by just giving the money to a sharity in the first place. So in a very real scenario, you can choose to do more good now, then you could ever do with the money, by not buying the ticket.