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Company Uniforms to Save Your (Sex) Life

What keeps me from running to work? or riding my bike? Is it laziness or conformity?

As Christopher McDougall points out, we are really good at running and sweating. Unfortunately we have hung on to the Victorian tradition of the suit and tie which is totally incompatible with sweat.

My son and I propose that companies should provide clean laudered uniforms for, well, everyone. We can still have designers involved but they would have to provide useful uniforms that could be industrially washed.

This simple move would cut down on traffic, improve health, reduce pollution, reduce workplace and home related stress and increase our so called "Work Life Balance".

Think about it. You run to work and prepare yourself for work. You run home to your wife, lover, family. You are hungry and healthy (and horny).

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    Apr 25 2012: I wore a uniform in the military for 24 years and loved it. No decisions as "What am I going to wear today?" After I retired I became a mechanic for 11 Years and the company supplied uniforms and a cleaning service, BONUS!!! I think you an your sons idea are a very good one. No upmanship on who has the best tie or which office employee is showing the most clevage. Bravo.