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Education: Is it truly a level playing ground for all who have access to it?

I am just a simple student. I go through education just like many of my peers of my age. I don't exactly come from a very well-off family and after much debate, my parents still emphasize that education should be the sure-fire way to success (they were only educated to about 'O' Level standards).

Year after year, more and more students emerge all over the world. Competition rises to the extent that it is almost as competitive as securing a career. However, is this competition truly fair? Do students stand a chance to succeed while competing against the thousands of other potential graduates?

Putting aside the rich-poor divide, it appears to me that students all over the world seem to have lost something very crucial. The ability to think for others. They have become excessively goal-centric and there exists a significant number in my society who don't even know where their education can lead them to.

Students have become clueless and less opinionated than before. The drive to innovate for the greater good seems to be diminishing, the courage to face obstacles have dwindled and the desire to dream has all but persevered.

On an optimistic note, what if the importance of academic merit were to decrease and students are encouraged to design solutions for the betterment of society? I believe that students who are not performing academically could very well introduce fantastic ideas to help improve or solve global issues.

I know I may sound a little schizophrenic here with ideas jumping around but I'm just a curious student who has been pondering over such matters for a long time. I sincerely wish to know the opinion of others, especially on TED.


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  • Apr 4 2012: I'm just upset that "designing ideas/solutions for the betterment of society" is not a part of the standard educational curriculum, considering that we now have so many issues beyond the realm of what humanity has ever seen and the students are perhaps the best-equipped to deal with these issues!
    • Apr 5 2012: We share the same sentiments! In fact, I am actually working on a project to allow people to better express their ideas in the hope that they will be able to make a change in the future.
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        Apr 5 2012: Tell me more, I am interested, if needed be in private. You can contact me through TED, I might be of help.
        • Apr 5 2012: Thank you for your interest! I'll contact you shortly.

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