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The place to start a real conversation is with oneself. This is the voice the voice that has been squelched, most often from birth onward.

I think Sherry raises some critical points in the evolution of human development, consciousness and communication. She advises us to relearn how to talk to one another, sharing conversation, for example, around the dinner table. Have you seen the kind of conversations that this results in? I have been watching them for decades and they are not typically conversations. Most children and their thoughts, ideas, expressions, passions and preferences have been thwarted from birth or young childhood on. The real conversations, the ones that allow for the the development of authenticity, passion and true engagement with all of life begin inside. Begin that conversation... between myself and I. Don't let anyone else in until that center feels strong, confident and ready for external conversation.


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      Apr 4 2012: When left to one's own internal, thoughtful devices from birth onward, the self criticism and shaming you refer to does not exist. Why would it? We get those messages from others who treat us as if they knew more or were more intelligent than we: parents, educators, spiritual leaders, etc. We are born intelligent, wise and capable. An environment of unconditionally supportive love and freedom allows us to grow maximally in the powerful directions unique to each of us. Good point Ed.

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