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Does more technology decrease a person's ability?

Although we have unlimited information available instantly, can communicate instantly, create products with less labor at higher tolerances. It appears that people have less ability to focus and handle real world problems?


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    Apr 6 2012: I think the only abilities we need to have in ourselves is imagination, and the skills to use the tools we create. We are not using stones and sticks anymore. We now create tools with tools, inheriting older technologies as we go. As long as we can use these tools, and keep creating better ones, we should be fine.
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      Apr 7 2012: The main tool that we need is communication, if nothing more than as you say communication with our imaginations, not by technology but by the transference of an idea. The technology paradoxically has lowered the real level of communication. Can this result in a long term handicap?
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        Apr 7 2012: You are right about communication being our primary tool. Without it we are nothing.

        Take a look at how fast we adapted to technological changes. Mobile devices are about a decade old and already they have changed us drastically. But technology is changing just as fast. We are not locked in to the devices we have now. We will quickly adapt to newer technologies that will fit our communicative functions.

        The devices that have changed us are still new. Possibly these changes can be a guideline for future innovation. We see the problem, now is time to develop solutions.
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          Apr 7 2012: I guess what I fear more is the how this affects the culture as it paradoxically becomes less communicative.

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