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Does more technology decrease a person's ability?

Although we have unlimited information available instantly, can communicate instantly, create products with less labor at higher tolerances. It appears that people have less ability to focus and handle real world problems?


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  • Apr 5 2012: No, I can say with absolute confidence that more technology does not decrease a person's ability. The simple fact that tachnology makes things easier to accomplish tasks allows us to spend more time finding the next step rather than relearning the first step with each new generation. Just look at how fast we have developed since we started to document things.

    This leap frogging effect of benefitting from past generation development only becomes a bad thing if we stop documenting the steps or the steps are lost. Not documenting the steps of the discover will never happen. Now, let's pretend that in 30 years in the future the Internet crashes and all digital life is suddenly gone. Let's also pretend that for the last 20 years everything was documented digitally. The last 20 years of development is now lost forever unless you are one of the people who understood the development of the steps during the lost 20 year. In this situation, yes, technology decreased individual ability.

    So, what I'm saying is only in the event of lost technology is a person's ability hindered.
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      Apr 5 2012: I'm not sure I agree. As I think that focus and genuine communication are the foundation of ability, cell phones email and especially texts fetter genuine communication.

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