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Does more technology decrease a person's ability?

Although we have unlimited information available instantly, can communicate instantly, create products with less labor at higher tolerances. It appears that people have less ability to focus and handle real world problems?


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    Apr 4 2012: 1st you should clearly define ability , what is ability ?

    2nd about focus , I think one of the biggest issues right now in the modern world is noise , too much noise....and by noise I mean unwanted unexpected info that all of a sudden seems interesting , grabs our attention and time.

    Noise is paralyzing , doing hundred things at once and not getting one done, its like hitting a nail with a hammer but so very gently , the force of hundred hits might add up to the same amount of energy needed to push it through but it won't , Focus is like one mighty hit that gets the job done, and hopelessly we can not focus now a days .

    Oddly enough , about 7 months ago we had a conversation here on TED that Julian Treasure had started , in one of my comments I said in todays world we do not have dialogues, Its " Dialogue on demand " I was kinda shocked when I saw this TALK , its exactly about the very same thing.

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      Apr 4 2012: Ability is just the capacity to do stuff, to get er done.


      I read some of what Julian had to say and yup that is what I mean. The first step to communication is focus. As everyone knows communication is everything. I mean if you had to make your way through life reinventing the wheel on everything it might be kind of tough but if on the other hand you can communicate the opportunity is great. Focus is an ability that one acquires like anything else through practice. As you point out the world is not conducive to this.
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        Apr 5 2012: well if ability is doing stuff for sure Technology can do that, it has a systematic mandate that you have to follow and when you do that you are able to do it , no doubt .

        But I highly doubt that a device or being able to work with it , can make us able to live a better life , or be happier.

        I think the first ability that any modern affluent citizen needs to learn is the ability to Prune noise and focus.

        Laser is a focused light and for sure if scattered can not do much , I think modern citizens need to be more like a Laser and less like a Lantern

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