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To use every bit of land that is fertile and use the food as to barter for In example: oil,cars,anything of value that our country needs.

When I look at the planet as a whole I see to many people dwindling resources and the fact that our nation has one resource that is being under utilized ( Farming). I live in the mountains and there are areas that is deforested and no effort to replant it with fruit and nut trees as I would suggest. We can grow anything in this country with our diverese climates. Apples,oranges,corn and wheat.How many other countries can that? You need food and water to live among other things. Our capactity to produce food makes it our gold our oil and its renewable. We just need to use every inch of land available.Look at the jobs it would create for example trucking,exporting,proscessing plants. I know people will say we are already doing that' But!!! Look around, are we? Part B: food is power. Why? Everyone needs it but not all areas in this world can produce it. We as a nation need to use this renewable resource as leverage in the world just as the oil producing nations are doing with their oil. The plus is one day they will run out of oil but they will always need food.Food equals jobs and power. No Brainer


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  • Apr 4 2012: True but with the global economy us first worlders can get whatever we want with money aka oil. I vote for more self sufficiency which would include agriculture as well as energy. The problem is environmentalists that limit land usage, water usage, policy etc. I come from a small town that grows Potatoes and Beats, the Federal Govt. Shut off our water for a sucker fish that was suddenly endangered. Talk about an uproar. That was 10 years ago. Things seem to have been worked out. since then.

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