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Innovation - More worthy than fighting poverty?

The average person now lives a better life than the wealthiest man 100 years ago, but only if you're from the western world. This all because of the blessing of creativity imposed on man himself.

In recent years there have been countless of new inventions such as advanced medicine, mobile phones and of course the internet. However, do these inventions substitute for the many problems of today's world? Does a drug designed for a wealth disease (diabetes) weigh higher than a drug designed to help those who are worst of?


Closing Statement from Kevin Tinholt

Good to see that there are still people that think differently, instead of white and black.

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  • Apr 5 2012: You cannot fix poverty.

    Humanity strives to better itself. Some people are more successful because of physical ability or mental ability or pure chance falls upon them. These individuals who have the advantage see how it increases their comfort. They do what it takes to remain in an advantagous state. Using business in any aspect to further increase an individual's wealth is just common sense so the individual can sustain their current comfort levels. Inadvertently their success in the production of some product or service will make others poorer because the individual offering said product or service is trying to make a profit in order to sustain or increase their comfort level.

    Some people are so unlucky they are without the chance to even play the game and are many times unable to even use the land to survive because some individual somewhere owns it and has it protected. They protect their investment because that is what keeps them at their current status level and comfort level.

    Until you can convence the world and I mean everyone in the world to do things without profit and offer them to anyone who is interested without personal gain, you will not find a way to stop poverty. No level of innovation will fix poverty and no matter how many sick and starving people their are, there will always be those that only think about personal gain and comfort level.

    Plus, poverty isn't a bad thing. Poverty gives people the reason to innovate.

    So and so figured out a way to do something at 1/3 the cost. They now have more money to live more comfortably because they have elevated themselves. Without the urge to save where ever they could in order to survive, they may not have discovered or invented a method of saving money.

    Poverty is a driving force. Whether you are in poverty fighting to get out or have money striving to stay away from poverty, it is still the motivation that pushes us to innovate.

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