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Should high school football be cut out of every high school, or still be offered to students?

there is a debate at my school as to wether football should be kept as a sport offered to studsents. One side argues that it should not be kept because of the risks and high probabilities of injuiries that come dfrom this sport. The other side argues that football teaches integrity and builds character.


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  • Apr 4 2012: Life is dangerous, life is hard, life is painful, life is difficult. Athletics teach values and work ethic that prepare individuals for life. Athletics are healthy, individuals have the right to choose to put themselves at risk or not. We don't need a generation of coddled baby boys, but one of strong men. (strength isn't everything but ethics, morals, and humility as well) It is all a balance, but Football or any sport should be offered and encouraged. Maybe childhood obesity would be less of an issue.

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