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Technology doesn't create loneliness, it reveals it. Once revealed, technology can help alleviate isolation and spur connection.

Dr. Turkle urges reflection and analysis and the idea that technology is its infancy. These are two important ideas and I urge others to consider this perspective: that technology fosters connections and developmental growth among the most socially awkward and vulnerable.

A healthy relationship of any sort (e.g., romantic, friendship, family) requires reciprocity. But when these sorts of relationships are out of balance, technology can fill a void. I posit that while technology can lead to isolation, isolation can also lead to connection when a lonely individual reaches out to others or becomes involved in the community via technology.

I'm curious if others view the connection between technology and isolation as one-way or bidirectional or if some other perspective entirely is needed to describe the complex technology-human connection.


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  • Apr 5 2012: Yeah, i do agree technology connects people with the same passion and desire. Ted is an example of it. however it also creates a void in us, spending many ours using the internet which may also isolate us from the people around us. Imagine Parents who spend endless hours looking for people to connect with and forget that their are children who need their attention. I think there has to be a balance between online communication and connecting with the people around us.

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