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Do introverts make better leaders?

Part of what I do is involved in developing emotionally intelligent businesses, leaders and teams.

Having recently seen Susan Cain's video on TED.com on 'The Power of Introverts' and listened to her in a recent radio interview here in the UK, I am increasingly finding my mind occupied by wondering about any link between being an introvert and being a successful leader.

My experience tells me that introverts quite possibly, or even probably, make better leaders than 'extroverts'.

What are your thoughts?


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  • Apr 15 2012: I don't see why researchers and people try to seek out what is better as a leader. I'm a college student, and there's much for me to learn, but in every management class I've taken to date, we've seen at least one research study which tried to explain how this makes a better leader.

    I'm not trying to refute research, far from it. All I'm saying is that all personality types have their good points when it comes to leading a group. Like many before me, it's where they get the most energy, so I'll assume that introverts would be better in independant or individual efforts in leadership, and extroverts in more cooperative ones.

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