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Do introverts make better leaders?

Part of what I do is involved in developing emotionally intelligent businesses, leaders and teams.

Having recently seen Susan Cain's video on TED.com on 'The Power of Introverts' and listened to her in a recent radio interview here in the UK, I am increasingly finding my mind occupied by wondering about any link between being an introvert and being a successful leader.

My experience tells me that introverts quite possibly, or even probably, make better leaders than 'extroverts'.

What are your thoughts?


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  • Apr 11 2012: Whether someone does good or bad things really depends on whether their actions are in the best interests of substantive future needs and reasons, rather than out of simple beliefs and desires. Those who control the monetary strings would have us all believe that if we all work toward our desires, then the Invisible Hand will magically take us to Nirvana. In reality, though, the good actions are those that evolve into the future, questioned along the way and developed with accumulated wisdom, not dogma. Extroverts tend to take dogma and run with it, and the other dogs chase them. Introverts tend to look under the hood a little more, listen to the noises and see what adds to the collective harmony rather than banging through every barricade. The simplest way of putting this is that Evil is the result of an action taken based on unquestioned beliefs, and the difference between introverts and extroverts is whether they question beliefs or use them as a tool to control others. When expediency is important, the latter will probably succeed, but many of the things we are told are immediate threats turn out to be less threats than profit-making opportunities for vested interests (usually oil or religions).
    Procrastination and introspection are sorely missing in today's world of instant gratification and pseudohero worship.

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