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Do introverts make better leaders?

Part of what I do is involved in developing emotionally intelligent businesses, leaders and teams.

Having recently seen Susan Cain's video on TED.com on 'The Power of Introverts' and listened to her in a recent radio interview here in the UK, I am increasingly finding my mind occupied by wondering about any link between being an introvert and being a successful leader.

My experience tells me that introverts quite possibly, or even probably, make better leaders than 'extroverts'.

What are your thoughts?


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  • Apr 3 2012: Maybe the cause and effect is the other way around. Someone who finds himself being a leader, due to real values, virtues and abilities adopts a more closed protective style or expressing thoughts and feelings, understanding what an influence an early rush decision and expression of that decision might have. Imagining an introvert able leader or an extrovert able leader and comparing them, letting our imagination play to the more extreme scales of those characteristics, both able leaders lack the ability to control their signals. In other words if an extrovert is someone who needs to restrict the communication of emotions better and an introvert is someone who needs to do a better job in showing those emotions and messages outside, then they both lack if they don't compensate. I stick to the communication and messaging of facts and emotions because leadership involves others, it's not a self centered role.

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