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Innovative studying methods?

I see that we here, in TED, are very interested in new and efficient ways of doing all kind of things, so I wonder if some of us know or use some kind of not usual method when you need to study something.
I´m starting my thesis, and need to read and process lots of information, so, I reached the point where my usual techniques are not useful for what I need.
I know some people use to take nootropics and all kind of substances, don´t refer about that, I only want to know if you believe there´s a better way than doing maps, using colors, switching off the phone and that traditional things.


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    Mar 19 2011: I watched this talk a while ago and it really showed me how by simply organizing data in a visual way your brain can process this information more efficiently than just reading texts, simply because the information now has a new meaning to you.

    • Mar 27 2011: Thanks John, It´s a hard work to do if you want to organize your personal knowledge as this talk shows, but very, very interesting.
      I wonder if some Informatic or Systems Engineer or student try this kind of things for themselves.

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