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Do you think there is a difference about education and intelligence? Does our actual educational system makes intelligent people necessarily

Does intelligence comes with education? Or is it genetic? If Thomas Edison lived in 2012, would he be considered as genius? Maybe we need to rethink our educational systems !

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    Apr 2 2012: Note: Intelligence is hard to define, but carrying on...

    There are cases where education builds intelligence, e.g. bettering a student's problem-solving ability, but this is a rarity. It is more accurate to say our education produces knowledgeable people. The systems are more focused on the memorization of facts than an understanding of concepts, and creativity is flatlining in the schools. I am around current and future PhDs every day and most are quite knowledgeable, but I find some to be quite dull in terms of all-around intelligence and completely lost in terms of social intelligence.

    There is also the point on education pushing some of the naturally intelligent minds away. I know some extremely bright people who had no interest in school, finding the classroom to be a bore.

    Answering your question more directly, I would say that the intelligence we see is more of a natural wiring (genetic) than a product of education. However, I also think education (and society in general) could do far more to help people recognize their potential in terms of intelligence.

    You are absolutely correct in saying that we should rethink our educational systems. I say it needs a complete overhaul. This is the Information Age, so there is no excuse for the classrooms to continue with the approach of displaying information and pawning it off as teaching. Teach students how to teach themselves, and it's a breeze after that.
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    May 1 2012: I know college graduates that do not know which end of a screw driver to hold. I believe that it is important to have an internship in all feilds of study and to have some idea how to function in the real world.Plummers are getting rich off those that do not know how to use a toilet plunger.