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What are the differences between US and the SCIENTIST?

I mean: we are both human
but they make the world better by their ideas,while we make the same world worse by our stupidness
What you think the reasons for that??
why thy think in deferent they can discover and invite new things
on the other hand
we just revive Evey thing from them and use it badly ,so we effect ourselves and the environment as well.

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    Apr 3 2012: We must see the difference between stupid and ignorant. Ignorant is not knowing, stupidity is not wanting to know. I can tell you there are not many people on this planet that can be called stupid, ignorant yes. However, even scientist are ignorant, they know they are that is why they are scientists. Even they fall victim to their humanity, they are not flawless.

    Everyone can be a Scientist, it is something you can adhere to. True, Science graduates have better prospects when it comes to creating something new, nevertheless this does not make them less human, they're not aliens! They're like you and I, the just have seen a different purpose in life, that is all.
  • Apr 2 2012: I think you're looking at this the wrong way. It's not scietists that have a certain way of thinking. It's peope who think a certain way that become scientists.

    Scientists do work based on basic human needs and curiosity, and if it wasn't for a interest in certain subjects scientists wouldn't be able to perform the level they do today.

    So by categorizing scientists as "them" and non-scientists as "us" isn't entirely correct. They provide a service for the general population, tirelessly researching items and topics we wouldn't otherwise be capable of and publish his/her findings for all of us to read and educate ourselves on. They need "us" as much as we need "them" and we are all part of each other for better or worse.