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Why countries have less money than companies?

According to:
Why USA has less cash to spend than Apple?
Why countires couldn't be managed as companies?
Why countries couldn't be as innovative as companies ?


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  • Apr 4 2012: Government is trying to "manage" every aspect of a nation and the needs of it's people. It holds to core values, the constitution, But it's purpose is utterly different than that of a company. A country is an union of people banded together for the common good. The purpose of a country is to allow people the freedom to live out their lives and prosper. A company has razor focus and looks after the bottom line. If a company was pulled in as many directions with such indecision and inefficiency as the US Govt. It would fail. Govt is meant to enable the people to live free independent lives, not rule over them and take from them. Lastly, the government would have plenty of money if it controlled and managed it's growth and spent less. It's called fiscal responsibility. The American people have lost their protestant work ethic, and backbone. People are more concerned about not offending one another and entertainment than they are about truth and reality.

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