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An online platform for sharing manners

Dear all, I would like to share an idea about a project I am working on which is called Cultural Treasures.

Cultural Treasures is an online platform that allows users to post and share manners of their own and of other cultures with users from all over the world.
It can be useful to know about manners when you are travelling, doing
business abroad or are researching different cultures.
The platform transcends existing references on manners because it does not only describe manners generically. It gives deep insights in the contexts and practical use of manners and related manners. Therefore by using this
platform you will never act inappropriate when dealing with other cultures.

I would like to propose my bidbook to you all and would love to receive some feedback on how you all think about this idea and what I could improve on it. Please look at: http://www.slideshare.net/marcodegroen/cultural-treasures-bidbook-20


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  • Apr 2 2012: I agree that this is an excellent idea and definitely can see the potential in it.

    I am sure your mockups are still very preliminary, but from a usability perspective I would recommend moving the sign up/login links to the top right of the site, as that is a more standard location.

    Do you have any plans to provide mobile access to this database? Especially for the traveling business person, I think having a quick mobile site/app will play an important part to it's success.

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