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Do you consider "GRAFFITI" art?

I found that to be a very complex loaded question because I found that all things in the world had artistic value.

So, define art, and elaborate on what you think about Graffiti.

I'll give you a few examples I recall.

Do you consider a Urinal a piece of art, if they display that in an art gallery, or are artist on canvases the only artists out there? So would you approve of an artist who displays a blank canvas as art? So where does graffiti fall upon a scale of art and not art?

Please feel free to give your most artistic interpretations. Art snobs beware and the rest, LET'S GET ARTSY!

Update: I just added a TedTalk relating our conversation. I hope you will check it out. =)

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  • Apr 3 2012: Art? No - I consider graffiti to be a visual assault. It is against the law as destruction of property, key word DESTRUCTION. If some nimrod with a spray can of paint needs a canvas, let them buy one.
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      Apr 7 2012: So, are you trying to say that the 'style' of Graffiti is alright and they just need to have the work legally commissioned in order for it to be appealing to the public?

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