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No Discrimination!! Equality For Africa!! Equality For Life!!

1) Watch the video by Bono.

2) Keep This In Mind: Do you view the rest of the world as discriminating against the African populace?

3) Let's not point fingers and "DO" because we just waste time trying to find the "BAD GUYS", but we are all the one's in the wrong for not acting sooner.

4) Not everyone has the ability to help, but spreading the idea is all you need to do because I don't think I have the ability to help, though maybe your neighbors can.

5) Let's shed some light on the subject and begin with dialogue by answering, what did you think about Bono's TEDx?

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    Apr 11 2012: The First Grader. A must see movie about an 84 year old Kenyon who desperately wanted to learn to read and write.

    I had to keep asking myself when is enough enough?

    In Australia we have so much and yet we talk about poor facilities for students and are always wanting more.

    In Kenya there were 5 students sharing one desk. They each had one book and two pencils.

    Quote from the movie

    "the power is in the pen"

    We take so much for granted. To us the glass is half empty. Yet to the Africans who consider themselves blessed to be able to go to school at all the glass is half full.
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    Apr 2 2012: I'll start this off,
    I found that Bono had a very good presentation and he deserved winning the ted prize. It was very surprising to me that Bono, a rock-star, had such a well developed presentation and the passion he brought to the audience.

    I found it shocking when Bono brought my attention that we are discriminating against Africa and if we weren't discriminating then we would have given them aid in times of need like; famine, war, disease, etc.

    That concept really stood out to me and I found it rather insulting that I found myself feeling how prevalent that idea actually was because I could say that I felt a bit of discrimination towards Africa as he talked of Africa. So, yes, that was an impactful idea worth spreading and it sure did give me awareness of my own consciousness to the subject.

    Thanks for reading my thoughts. Feel free to share your thoughts. =D