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What do we know about the poverty in our own backyards?

If you ask anyone about poverty, and related issues, I'm sure they can come up with an answer relating to the inhumane environments of Sub-Saharan Africa. And yet, poverty surrounds us even in the closest Utopian societies we have created. To what extent are we aware of the number of people who use our local homeless shelter, or the number of single families struggling to get by. This is a call to awareness, please share your experiences and knowledge as I look to gain mine.


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    Apr 1 2012: It costs 87 billion to cure world hunger. The united states spends more than that a year just to be in afganistan. I consistantly see signs about giving your spare change to feed the homeless yet it is within our power to cure it. It is up to people like you can me to talk, to spread the word, to research and interpret to many people who have not had the oppurtunity to. All we can do is raise awareness and maybe what happened with kony 2012 could happen with world hunger.

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