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Are children ready to make decisions like adults?

I mean if they are ready to decide about their future. Are they mature enough?


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    Apr 7 2012: Kids are better in making decisions and solving problems than adults are. Children are strait forward, no nonsense. If you don't feed them, change diaper or simply give attention, they'll let you know it. the basic needs are to be provided for. it is that simple. At pretty much same age they are trying to solve very first puzzles and build towers. and kids are absolutely doing it their own creative way.

    all of this happens with trial and error. as trying to walk. the persistence to success at something despite the physical pain is amazing. as any adult would repeatedly fail at his job / task and would be (painfully) punished for a week we would probably quit.

    It is all connected to "short-cuts" as Dr. R. Cialdini describes. Adults develop shortcuts (trusting a person in uniform, or a white lab-coat) as a way of coping with amount of information we are fed on daily basis. these short-cuts make more than the half of our decisions and are often useful. Also often misused by sales-people. Kids do not have these short-cuts and they are more or less making them fresh and they do think about it. "good" kids throw a look at parent and do as instructed, while "naughty" child might do the opposite just to see what happens next.

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