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Are children ready to make decisions like adults?

I mean if they are ready to decide about their future. Are they mature enough?


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    Apr 3 2012: Making decisions as an teenager is of course in another situation of an adult - this is common sense. Both persons are of course also making decisions about the future - it can not be avoided; it is everyday that you decide on your future - step by step.
    Unfortunately it is also common sense that the younger are less prepared to make "big" decision on the future - because they have less experience, f.e. ... However the adults should be so fair to acknowledge that experience does not prevent one from mistakes and wrong decision. It is a myth that one is getting wiser with age....you only get careful because the elder is weaker.

    So what is making decisions on the future about? It is a special decision - it is at the edge of our competences, of our safety and of our reality. For these decision one is never prepared - no matter what age. But is this a problem? I hope not!

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