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What would Utopia look like?

What are some of the attributes required of a Utopian Society? Some say it cannot exist but I don't like that word, "can't", so please only answer with possibilities of achieving this, not the reasons why it can't.


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    Apr 3 2012: I think utopia would exist only in a place where time is not measured.
    • Apr 3 2012: In a place where time is not measured nothing ( no thing ) is measured :)
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        Apr 3 2012: Perhaps I should have said time does not exist... No waiting, no boredom, no hunger, pain...
        But then could we truly be happy if there was never anticipation or conflict to over come?....I don't know. It seems like we would also be missing out on things..But maybe that;s just me who has always existed with time as my enemy and friend. It's hard to comprehend.
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          Apr 3 2012: James, I think we can be truly happy without anticipation or conflict.

          Just look at children....they are, in many cases, oblivious to anticipations and conflicts that we adults are aware of, and they are happy go lucky.

          I think that having hard work to do into infinity.....and learning into infinity......with people who share common beliefs, lifeslyles, and an equal share in the community.......without an oppressive government, but one that readily provided what each citizen needed, would most certainly provide such a Utopia..

          What needs to happen is wars need to cease, diseases need to be eradicated, hunger needs to vanish, as well as a whole new generation of individuals who want to come together for the common good of mankind.......not for the common good of their pocket, needs to rise up.

          We have spoken many times on TED about all of this, but never using UTOPIA.

          I cannot speak for everyone here on TED. But I really do try to point the way to Utopia....a better world.....throughout my community, and attempt to follow it up with kind acts, and try to take a personal interest in those I come in contact with. We, personally can do alot to be the change we want to see in others.

          I think what holds the world from changing all together is....is.....well, it's like an invisible force that does not allow peace to reign.......everyone WANTS to have peace and happiness, but it just doesn't happen.......I don't know if you understand me.

          Anyways, thanks for reading through my ramblings.........I've enjoyed following this thread of conversation.
        • Apr 3 2012: James !
          Sir Thomas More coined the word 'Utopia' from two Greek words: 'ou' - not and 'topos' - place , ' Utopia ' means ' no place '.

          So, Utopian Society has no place to exist by definition.

          Nothing, that exists in time and occupies the place in space, is ideal / absolute/ perfect.
          James, I like your idea, that the ideal is possible ( at least in theory ), when it is not in Time. And I think, it is not a place but state.
        • Apr 3 2012: Mary !
          "....it's like an invisible force that does not allow peace to reign...."

          This invisible force has name : EGO.
          I believe is that simple :)
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        Apr 3 2012: In my humble opinion.............YOU ARE QUITE RIGHT!!!!!

        When people are EGOcentric they cannot put other's interests ahead of their own. The french call it the "maladie de moi".

        You are very insightful Natasha.

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