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$30.00-per-hour minimum wage combined with 3-day/24-hour work week for higher prosperity and happiness for 100% of the population.

The 1% may have the money, but they do not have the happiness and feeling of security that the money was supposed to cause. By converting to a 3-day/24-hour work week and a $30.00-per-hour minimum wage, we can immediately reflect current productivity of the workforce, cause increasing productivity and catapult human well-being and happiness for 100% of the population. Let's not be patient. Let's just do it. Everyone has everything to gain.


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  • Apr 1 2012: This sort of gets me because I earn minimum wage and I am sick of hearing about the "1%" who I am supposed to be angry at.

    Who are the lowest earning people in workforces of developed nations?

    Me for one.

    Some people are struggling, of course, but then when you are 15 and you start out working at McDonalds, which income bracket do you think you are in? When a university graduate starts out on an internship at a prestigeous law firm and getting paid mostly in experience, which income bracket do you think they are in? What about part time workers, or anyone starting out in the workforce, people just beginning to build a business, or owners of large businesses who have negative income due to an off year? Income brackets are not people and most people move far up the income scale during the course of their lives.

    If you sell your house you just might make it into the 1% for a given year, perhaps you become paralysed and have an insurance payout of 5 milliion, 1% no worries. Inheritence, maybe the 1% if you're lucky, cash in your built up holiday pay , cash in your stock awarded for working with a company or receive a nice redundency package maybe the 5%...

    But then when the minimum wage is increased, where does each business pull the extra money to pay people from? How many people will be let so that we can have a higher minimum wage?

    Im sorry, I hate to be a nay sayer, and please dont think the tone of this message to be rude. I used to love ideas like this and the whole rich vs poor rhetoric but ive had too much experience at seeing these kinds of solutions fall under serious questioning.

    Each time i see people get caught up in an the virtue of an idea and not its practicality, i die a little inside (slight exaggeration there).

    I love the optimism though, the dare of suggesting such things and the creativity, so if youve got a reply shoot me a response. I do think the idea is good though, just not the reality of implementing it. Keep on churning it out.
    • Apr 3 2012: Thanks for the encouragement, Patrick. I believe the next step is to come up with practical ways of implementing this idea. This is for EVERYONE to be well-off. I always wonder why people tend to convert things into "winners and losers." Guess that's why sports are of no interest to me. I am convinced that we, humanity, if we play our cards right, can live in a world wherein we are all winners. We can all be healthy and happy simultaneously. Greed and paranoia and poverty will disappear. Ignore those ancestors who brainwashed us negatively. We must all re-program ourselves in order to co-create a healthy, happy world reflecting our good hearts' desires. I know we can do this. May as well. Let's do it, Patrick. We can. Happy Today.

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