William Ross Williams


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Electricity and its uses much match. We must start thinking of uses for uncontrollable electricity that capture the value as provided.

Yes, Electric current is a marvelous thing and convenience. But it is not the only useful form of energy.
Since the beginning of humanity we have been inventing levers, wheels, rotating shafts, pumps and millions of other technologies that leverage the physical ability of mankind. Since microcircuits, we have been continuing to leverage the value of thinking. But the key word is that we can only leverage that which we are cognizant of.
Many circumstances limit that thread of cognitive analysis to one problem, for one task or immediately related tasks. This is the sin. (miss). Every task accomplished set in motion another set of impacts. Electric current is considered a product or commodity. This is very mis leading. It is not. The product is the result or accomplishment we achieved using electricity. This product might be safe drinking water, refrigerated food delivered to you neighborhood outlet or market, aluminium met and derived products, water pumped through your irrigation system and deliver to the crops, motive power and on and one.
By matching the time that work is performed, to the availability of electricity when nature creates it. we can perform tremendous things with zero carbon impact Electricity storage is nearly insignificant compared to the value achievable through matching natures uncontrollable generation with production of products that can be easily stored.