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A group poem.

In the spirit of TED, let's share our thoughts and see where it takes us - two lines at a time.

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    Mar 30 2012: Kindness, Goodness, Compassion and Care,
    Helping, Hearing, all ours, free, to share.
  • Mar 30 2012: The putting of this poem together is oh so dear....
    because none of us is as smart as all of us, isn't that clear?
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    Mar 30 2012: life's a mystery but you shouldn't care,
    continue to stare down the deep dark abyss if you dare

    (this is actually pretty fun!)
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    Mar 30 2012: My mind went blank
    Its on the blink
    Crying over spilt coffee at the kitchen sink
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    Mar 30 2012: After forty winks the morning breaks, I am thirsty, so I drink
    A shot of coffee, quenched relief, I begin to think, think, think.
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    Mar 30 2012: In a time of turmoil, doubt, ignorance and fear,
    A virtual nation of thought does appear.
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    Mar 30 2012: Blink, I see. Blink, I care.
    Blink, I know. Blink, I dare.
  • Mar 31 2012: Blink, think, blink, think, blink, think
    thank you for sharing on this link
  • Mar 30 2012: By remembering those who brought us here
    we bring a stronger future near
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    Mar 30 2012: As we gather and converse we break bread
    to embrace the knowledge of those who lead.
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    Mar 30 2012: ...clear as day in the Pacific Northwest
    the sake of poetry allows my jest
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    Mar 30 2012: Gord is groat, need not substantiote!
    Spellcheck, on the other hand, will note.
  • Mar 30 2012: Gord got board so he prayed to the Lord to put a good idea in his head,

    He heard a bell then all was well ... "JUST CLICK IN ON TED!"
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    Mar 30 2012: blink, blink, blink,
    see this link
    • Mar 30 2012: LOL. You're much better at mocking me than my text insert. ;-)
  • Mar 30 2012: The blinking text insert is mocking me
    Blink, think, blink, think, blink, think
  • Mar 31 2012: My perspective
    is not the elective
  • Mar 31 2012: It's in the empty space of a broken thought
    that forces me to connect to what was not.
  • Mar 31 2012: I push against the walls that confine me
    because I refuse to let them define me.