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Thinking outside the box is not enough . . . Dissolve the box and Reposition

If you ask a thief to think outside the box what will he do? Probably he will steal better and find out new ways to manipulate the laws because he still responds from the platform of the thief.

But if the same person dissolves the box he will no longer limit and abuse himself. He will realize that stealing is just a trap from which he is responding and that he is much more than merely a thief. At the same time he gets the designing intelligence to reposition himself. It's not just an incremental but a radical shift.

Just like the thief, individuals and organizations are also limiting and abusing themselves thereby infecting and polluting their decisions.

Out of the box solutions do not solve the problem. They only create bigger and trickier problems in the future. The answer lies in Dissolving the box. It is important for an intelligent, inclusive and sustainable growth.

By dissolving the mental boxes we can design growth, increase our coping mechanisms, lead unconditionally to see deeper, wider and faster into situations.


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    Mar 30 2012: I think the box is a metaphor representing the way we have done things in the past. To summarily abandon all history and experience is unwise. The bathwater may be dirty, but we must take care not to throw out the baby with it. Some, but certainly not all, things are worth keeping!
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      Mar 31 2012: Thanks a lot Sir for your inputs.

      Just to take "Dissolve the box" idea further lets understand what happens when we dissolve the box :

      We are absolutely aware of our past learning but at the same time we have the designing intelligence and the freedom to design our future. The past learning does not become dominant to take us over. They are not crystallized but we just aware of them. And all this happens when we practice silence-acceptance of the present. This dissolves all our boxes and takes us to the fertile firld of consciousness from where we can design the future. But if we resist the present and don't accept it we react from a troubled platform. Just recollect when you are angry or resisting something the field from which you respond gets very restricted and unintelligent. So let's dissolve the box for a better life and a better world.
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        Mar 31 2012: The word in question here is "dissolve". It means to break up; to decompose; to disunite; to disintegrate; to end; to terminate. I agree with your well spoken explanation of your design philosophy, but I do suggest you consider another word to replace "dissolve". May I suggest the idea of "balance", or "integrate", or "glean"? Thank you Mr. Sharma for sharing your interesting viewpoint.
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      Mar 31 2012: Thank you Sir for your comments!

      Dissolve teh box does not mean we forget the past. It just means we should not get hooked to the past. Now we are aware of the past but they do not become dominant to take us over. We have the freedom and the designing intelligence to design our future. It happens when we practice silence-acceptance of the present. and then act. This takes us to the fertile fied of consciousness from where we can act. When we are angry or when we resist the present we only react from limited boxes and not from this field of consciousness.

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