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What attributes are necessary for imparting knowledge, are they natural or is it a skill that we can hone and tune?

I am looking for thoughts on what makes an excellent tutor / trainer/ lecturer. Think about a person who inspired you to learn. Why and how did they make that happen. Is it really something we can learn in colleges and schools , How to teach ? If it is natural then how do we quantify it.?

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Thank you very much for your responses. It has shown that it is a many varied thing that we want from our tutor's and how each person interacts with a tutor is personal and therefore quite hard to quantify. It is now I wonder what would be the job description you would write for your perfect tutor and where it would measure up to what an actual tutor job description is like in the workplace and if it would be at all alike.

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  • Mar 31 2012: A total and utter respect for every pupil and every seemingly dumb question. Failiure is encouraged
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    Mar 30 2012: Amanda...theres not any attribute necessary...because knowledge is the same than discovery, the only thing you need is curiosity. Knowledge is from inside not from outside. And if you are looking for a tutor ..the intuition is the best one.

    IN_TUITERE...from latin: the inside tutor, the original knowledge. Ask him and listen carefully.
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    Mar 30 2012: 1. Know your subject. Be a true expert. Be justifiably confident.
    2. Love your subject. Exhibit enthusiasm. Don't be boring.
    3. Care whether people learn or not. Watch them. Listen to them.
    4. "You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him find it within himself."-- Galileo
  • Mar 30 2012: Personally I think that a genuine interest in the subject combined with a genuine interest to teach were the traits that my favorite teachers in school had in their education.
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    Apr 2 2012: You learn to teach by is a work of heart.....there are natural born teachers who go about educating people on anything and everything. They notice someone struggling with an automated machine, or trying to get a gadget to work or confused at several labels on cans and the true educator stops and educates.....

    I don't think good teachers exist just in the classroom.

    You have to love interacting with people...the subject doesn't matter, as long as you have the know how.
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    Mar 30 2012: So would it be the interest in learning and the curiosity , perhaps the need to understand more about the chosen subject that makes the tutor ? I wonder if that is enough ? Would the ability to impart this knowledge and to inspire the curiosity to learn be more important?