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Women are as strong as men, but men are also as vulnerable as women.

During service in WWII, my Grandfather was crushed by a piece of artillery. He spent several months overseas until he was strong enough to survive the trip home. When he finally returned, the girl he had intended to marry left him. Her mother had refused to allow the marriage because it looked as if he would not be able to work and provide a good life for a family. In thanks for his duty he was left weak and lonely.

We have spent the last 50 years learning and being shown that women are just as strong as men, but the idea that men are as vulnerable as women seems to be unthinkable. I ask you to just entertain that idea. Where you see a man, imagine instead a woman. How would you feel about the way she is treated? How would you feel about our history?

I read once about a soldier in Gallipoli during WWI. During battle his face had been shot off but he was still alive; he was quickly shot dead by his friend. How horrible war must be that killing a friend could be considered an act of love.

More US Vietnam veterans have killed themselves since returning home than were killed in the war. When we think of gender we blame war on men, instead of thanking them for their service. We ask them to do the dirty work, then complain when they get dirty.

Man's burden is to protect and provide, but war is only a part of this burden. It begins with opening doors, continues to buying dinner, deepens when there is a home invasion and no one thinks twice about only the husband fighting them off. It ends when a firefighter chooses to save a woman and leave a man behind.

For most men throughout history, a job meant a lifetime of manual labour in agriculture, mining, construction or another hard industry, not fulfilment or independence. His job and possessions were his privilege in theory, but in practice they were his obligation; he was not worthy of a wife without them...remember my Grandfather?

So think again, if men are as vulnerable as women, then what have we done to our men?


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  • Mar 31 2012: G'day Sandy,

    Thanks for your comment. I've just signed up, so I guess I'll have to fix up my profile. I am certainly glad to hear something from a male perspective of the Vietnam era since that was one issue I raised in the post.

    ...but don't wory, I'm not about to start blaming women That is not the attitude I have at all.

    Thanks again for the comment, sometimes I feel crazy for even suggesting a concept such as this.
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      Mar 31 2012: Hey Patrick!
      For whatever it might be worth - to me your having suggested this is a sure sign of sanity...

      And I hope to hear more of your thinking soon.

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