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Can we think of a better way to communicate between vehicles than the traditional horn?

How many times have you been startled by a loud honk beside you, only to realize it is one person trying to get the attention of some long lost friend?

Honking is used to communicate so many messages. I would assume the original intent of the horn was to only be used in cases of impending danger. However, it's uses have inevitably been stretched beyond that single message.

Anyways, just want to start a discussion. I don't want to propose a solution yet.


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    Mar 31 2012: Years ago I recommended an LED readout 3-4 inches in height - across any window of your car - ie: so as to give the cute blonde your phone number - (?) :-)
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      Apr 2 2012: So I wasn't the only one with this idea ;)

      In all seriousness I really thought it would be useful to have a small screen of about 2-3 inches like you say and maybe 2 feet long to stream messages, like in the case the person behind you is encroaching your territory a bit in traffic jam type slow-downs. The tough part would be keeping the conversation germane.

      Perhaps we should keep the horn for now.

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