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Can we think of a better way to communicate between vehicles than the traditional horn?

How many times have you been startled by a loud honk beside you, only to realize it is one person trying to get the attention of some long lost friend?

Honking is used to communicate so many messages. I would assume the original intent of the horn was to only be used in cases of impending danger. However, it's uses have inevitably been stretched beyond that single message.

Anyways, just want to start a discussion. I don't want to propose a solution yet.

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    Mar 29 2012: Fingers and sign language!

    Thumbs-Up= nice car or motorcycle

    Wave= I know you!

    Pointer finger=You go..I am waiting for you to GO..its your turn.GoGoGO!

    Peace sign= Hey buddy/lady or your attractive and since we are flying by each other for about a fraction of a second we dont have time to really get to know each other...but know if we did, you would like me... I'm cool!

    Fist of rage! Yes I'm a 90 lbs 70 year old lady but I'm in a 3 ton car so I can imagine me pummeling you for your lousy driving that almost made my insurance go up.!

    Shrug with hands up(while you mouth sorry)= Sorry my bad..I was thinking about ten million other things while driving and almost hit you and caused your insurance to go up. I'm an ass I admit it.

    Middle finger= has wide range of uses from "Hey Slow poke Dont you know I'm late why aren't you concerned that my boss is going to chew me out?...your such an ass for not caring about me" to... " Hey you almost made my insurance go up!"
    I personally like to give the peace sign when the middle finger is more appropriate...it really messes with people. It gives them a quick change of emotions from GRRRR to huh?
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    Mar 29 2012: Here in the US we have a few hand signals involving the thumb and other fingers. Of course they are limited to those situations where you already have the attention of the person to whom you wish to express a sentiment. We also have CB radios with external PA speakers available but they are seen as being too invasive and more startling than a horn. Maybe we should have car horns with selectable messages accompanied by appropriate volume and emphasis, from demure and calming to raging, high-volume expletives.
  • Apr 5 2012: I wouldn't be surprised, in the future, to see cars communicating with each other via computer, radar, sensors and such like. In the meantime, only a horn can penetrate fog or dust storms.
  • Apr 2 2012: Now I know I am going too far with this, but just thinking about that make me lough !!!
    check this "Hyper Sonic Sound":

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    Apr 2 2012: There is something to be said for noise in order to avert a crash...but when people are alert, I have seen some people use their lights to signal you to go ahead...this is always nice.

    A waving motion is also great....as is a thumbs up.
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    Mar 31 2012: Years ago I recommended an LED readout 3-4 inches in height - across any window of your car - ie: so as to give the cute blonde your phone number - (?) :-)
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      Apr 2 2012: So I wasn't the only one with this idea ;)

      In all seriousness I really thought it would be useful to have a small screen of about 2-3 inches like you say and maybe 2 feet long to stream messages, like in the case the person behind you is encroaching your territory a bit in traffic jam type slow-downs. The tough part would be keeping the conversation germane.

      Perhaps we should keep the horn for now.
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    Mar 30 2012: We can use the sensor to communicate between the vehicles. The same way we use Bluetooth which can detect the surrounding.Indeed each vehicles should have the sensor device.
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    Mar 30 2012: Every car should have on the front and on the back a display panel for short messages.
    It comes with a keyboard by your steering wheel.

    "police ahead slo dwn"
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    Mar 30 2012: Insurance companies will soon require you to equip your car with a drivecam,the data will then be processed by the police and the insurance company.It will mean that driving through an area at 80 kph in a 50 kph zone will be recorded.it will make the roads a safer place but not a happy one.