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Does Facebook And Twitter Really a matter to be Blocked in Offices?

I don't Think so actually. Cos, employers are giving the Judgement Date for each and every team member for finishing their project. If a nap during Office Break is a Good to do then why not social networking in the same manner be ..

come Up with your views too

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    Mar 31 2012: Hi Everyone,

    I read in a survey somewhere that the average office worker needs 8 minutes to get into the proper mood for creating, but is disturbed at every 3 minutes due to some alert from his computers. When employers pay money, they expect certain amount of quality work from the employees. Sure, they may be able to finish the work even while chatting on facebook, but will it have the same quality as the work they do with full concentration? I don't think so.

    Quick naps are encouraged in many places because they are scientifically proven to relax the mind and increase memory retention.

    On the other side, many companies these days encourage workers to get online on facebook and twitter so that they can better interact with end users and hence create more valuable products.

    Bottomline: The blocking of social networks at work really depends on the organization and what they expect from the employees.

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  • Mar 31 2012: @gowtham

    Well Said. But all your points shall be valid only to those who are in software domain . When you Come to Engineering or site work , there is no chance of getting Disturbed by their computer alerts . All their free time is the only gap which they get during the lunch hour and if they are blocking at that time also means, what it gonna cost for them?
  • Mar 31 2012: Gowtham's said it all