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Does the way we think is in any case related to the Language we speak in our Daily life ?

Is it in any way related to the way we form sentences OR the way we maodify our sentences to make the greater impact?

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    Mar 29 2012: Yes. A simple example.
    I believe Russian has one word for lighter blues and another for darker blues
    I think in English, to me there is one continuum from light to dark.
    Russians have too.
    Language changes your perception.
    Some high concept words or those having cultural meaning may have no direct translation.
    We hear a lot about the 72 virgins in muslim paradise. The arabic word for Houri might not translate directly to virgin

    The meaning may change over time too.
    Words shape our thoughts. If our words have different meanings
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    Mar 29 2012: If I am understanding your question correctly, then Yes......and here is my take on your question:

    In the Japanese language, people ask each other questions that lead up to what they intended to say from the very beginning. If someone wanted to invite you to dinner they might start asking "What a nice day today is isn't it?"
    "Do you get hungry on beautiful days?" "Does it please you when others cook for you?" "We would very much enjoy having you over to share a meal that we will cook for you"............Some Caribbean island's people will say "We want to come over to your home Friday to eat with you" and then some N. Americans would say: "Are you busy Friday?, because we want to have you over for dinner"

    If you are speaking to people of your same culture, then all is well. It is when cultures mix, and one does not have understanding of the language style of the other that problems arise. Hispanics will be upset at all the questions by the Japanese, N. Americans will wonder why these Hispanics are inviting themselves over to dinner, and so on.

    So now to your question "Does the way we think relate to the language we speak?" some ways yes.......this is my humble opinion......again, I am not sure I interpreted your question correctly, but I hope I gave you a perspective to think about.

    Be Well.
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    Mar 29 2012: The question raised does not restricts but also to "The ways our way of speaking influences our critical Thinking OR Process of new thinking"
  • Mar 29 2012: Hi Sumit

    how could our tongue know what to say if our mind wouldn't send the signals?
    if you do a research about human behavioural psychology it may help you.
    Mind and body is one system, they are connected and have got great impact on each other.

    Watch Tony Robbins' - why we do what we do - talk in TED

    Take care
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      Mar 29 2012: ohh sure... thank you sir... Tony Robbins' talk inspired me