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Technology doesn't kill the magic

I had an interview yesterday with fellow TED fellow Sanjana Hattotuwa and he asked me if I thought technology (citing the example of James Cameron's first solo descent) kills the magic. Does finding out more actually take away from the magic so to speak. I don't believe it does because the more technology allows us to delve into the unknown the more unknowns we find and therefore the more the magic grows. What are your thoughts on this?


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    Apr 11 2012: How can technology kill magic when it is the magic?

    I work for a company where we get beta copies of software so we can test it out. Every time, my reaction is "when can I install it so I can play with it?" Some people get annoyed because I say I want to 'play' but that's what it is. It's play; it's magic. Something new that you could never do before, now you can do with the press of a single key. Magic!

    You have to see magic in technology. It's there in every line of code and every press of the button.

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