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Why has "green consumption" of sustainable products (e.g. Whole Foods, Toyota Prius) not permeated electricity consumption?

While many consumers have embraced sustainable products (eg. Whole Foods, Toyota Prius), that ethos has not yet permeated electricity consumption. Why do you think this is the case? Will it always be like this? Will renewable energy consumption be driven only by government mandates? Why? Or do you think this will change? If the marketplace were fair and rational, there would be no need for subsidies and mandates for the renewables and a proper carbon tax would suffice—as is starting to happen in Europe through cap-and-trade system. What will drive the change to clean energy consumption?


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  • Apr 3 2012: Government exists to protect the good of the people. Installing green standards has been successful at a metropolitan level, thus more communities should begin to look at how they can be effective members of a new America. The reason people are not changing electricity habits is because they don't understand the scientific methods that are proving that changes among us. iTunesU has many courses that discuss how to change the mindset of everyday Americans to see that voting for the correct policies is more important for the countries energy problems.

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