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What would be your question if you've been granted to ask a single one from Almighty & if you are sure that will be answered correctly"

Everyone has many questions, but truly which is your most important question you would ask if you knew you will receive and answer to it?

It can be about religion, life or anything you feel like you need an answer to your question.


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    Mar 30 2012: Ok, Hypothetically speaking.

    If you created everything, and truly gave us "free will" to live how we deem appropriate along with a few guidelines (rules) you gave us along the way.

    Now assuming, there is no other dimensions, no multiple universes, just this one, just this one time.


    And I ask why because why create us at all. What was the purpose. Are we pets for your enjoyment. Are we just your entertainment, are we the ants making tunnels behind the glass.
    • Apr 28 2012: Guidelines - that's funny. They are called commandments and there are 12 of them.
      Do you know any of them? How about the 6th "guideline" Love your neighbor like you love yourself. When you can actually do that - you'll change your question.

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