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Teaching : A Profession by Choice or by Chance

The reason behind lack of creativity in school is that teaching is not a profession by choice . A lot of teachers are inclined towards corporates rather then teaching in school.The level of education can increase if teachers are teachers by choice and not by chance.


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    Mar 29 2012: I'll speak about India as I don't have an idea about the situation in other countries in this regard. In India dirty politics is responsible for the lack of quality teachers. In Govt ridden schools caste politics is predominant while selecting the teaching staff. When it comes to colleges its the politics of the NET and SET exam. As such good teachers tired of politics prefer to enter the corporate. Those who are still inclined towards education leave our country and settle either in the US or the Gulf. There is shortage of good teaching staff out there. Its been observed that many Indians have become Deans or HOD's in other countries.

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