Agnieszka Mazurek

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Adults never stop being children and it is perfectly normal for them to play with children's toys.

Hillel Cooperman mentioned in his speech "Legos for grownups" that he is "coming out" and "is going to stop being embarrased" of getting into Lego. However, is there anything to be ashamed of for an adult who plays with Lego? I think that every adult who wishes to stay a child at heart, should do so, as it is totally natural.

  • Mar 28 2012: Being a child at heart is fine as long as you are being an adult in mind.
  • Mar 29 2012: it is scientists proven,that being playful or late maturity leads to being genius
  • Mar 29 2012: I think we all can benefit from being able to behave like a child when playing or discovering the world while at the same time being responsible and knowledgeable adult.

    We should not be ashamed of being like kids and playing like kids. Parents have the advantage of having an "excuse" to start behaving like kids when playing. It would be nice that we sometimes stop being so serious and cool and relax more while engaging in playful way with others?