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Is WikiLeaks providing a solution to the freedom of information in media and transparency and accountability in government?

Being a reaction to the socio-poltiical framework under which we live, WikiLeaks is regarded by some as revolutionizing the nature of journalism. Its goals are to increase publishing, thus creating transparency and accountability in government, freedom of information in media and the stimulation of socio-poltiical activism. But the question remains, can WikiLeaks achieve these intended goals or is the propaganda surrounding WIkiLeaks preventing them from being achieved? Further, is the infastructure of WikiLeaks itself restricting in terms of accessibility and engagment of citizens? With problems such as the translation of its 'raw' documents into different languages, how can citizens from diverse cultures and languages become informed by being able to observe the "raw" documents and further, engage in the process of socio-political change if they must only rely on media sources?

Perhaps the actual impact of WikiLeaks release of such "sensitive" documents could be tighter restrictions on the handling and accesibility of information? Alternatively, WikiLeaks could also increase awarness of information communication technology as a tool for socio-political activism. The question remains, can WikiLeaks effectively engage citizens by providing a long-term solution to socio-political activism, transparency and accountability in government and freedom of information in media? Critiques and alternative solutions welcome.

  • Mar 9 2011: WikiLeaks is an intelligence operation run by several intelligence agencies working together, and designed for specific purposes ..
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      Mar 10 2011: YIKES!
    • Mar 10 2011: They are trying to suppress news about all those cars that run on water.