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A Corruption Observatory

I want to share this idea for some feedback. I’m working on the design of a corruption observatory. I’m not a corruption expert (though I work with some). To make it short, you feed information to develop a conversation which will turn into education. This will then raise the level of integrity of the people. I argue that by educating people about what corruption is, what integrity is, and about the processes and structure of the system you can fight corruption. I want to encourage Open Data (which has been a pain in the ass) as a tool to fight corruption. I believe you have to visualize the system. Everything has to be transparent. Here enters the concept of the panopticon, and a bit of crowdsourcing the search for the corrupt.

By talking about integrity I want to change the mood of the conversation from pursuing the corrupt to encouraging Integrity. When our conversation is about corruption our problem is corruption. By changing the conversation towards integrity we start talking about the solution instead of the problem. I want the conversation to be sort of the one we are having right now. Plus a wiki, and some conversation periodical meetings.

The education part is the one that I’m having more trouble with. Right now I see it as a product of the conversations about the information. I need to work on this more.

This is more or less the idea, I’m happy to converse about it and answer any points that are not clear or expand about my thoughts about it. I’m interested in practical stuff. I have been bombarded about the theory of corruption enough already.


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  • Mar 29 2012: It is more of making Global awareness about corruption.
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      Mar 29 2012: I believe that the awareness is not only about corruption but integrity---both really. You have to change people minds towards doing good, towards doing your everyday jobs with integrity, do it correctly. By having conversations about corruption and integrity, you educate and raise Global Awareness. The task here is to make the global awareness truly global.
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        Mar 29 2012: 'Our integrity often sells for so little though its all we really have. It is the very last inch of us but in that inch we are truly free.'

        we must ask ourselves if in this instance is it more important to find fault or work towards remedy.

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