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Which great leaders inspire you?

Every person stands on the shoulders of someone who has gone before. I'd love to hear people's stories of those they admire, respect and value. Often the leaders we follow are not necessarily "famous", though they can be. Whatever their public stature the impact and inspiration is personal, so how have you're leaders inspired you, and what action/s resulted?

  • Mar 28 2012: The leaders or the followers?

    The great leaders aren't the ones who lead, but the ones who follow.

    M K Gandhi
    Mother Theresa
    Adolph Hitler - (don't get me wrong - he was as good communicator as Jesus Christ)
    Martin Luther King
    John F Kennedy
    Nelson Mandela
    Barack Obama
    Jesus Christ
    Bill Gates
    Steve Jobs
    Anthony Robbins
    Henry Ford
    Richard Branson

    The list can go on... leaders that inspire us depend on the parts of life we prioritise.
    Politic, Business, Spiritual, Religion, etc .

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      Mar 29 2012: It's true people from different arenas affect us differently, what I wondered was not just figures who we may admire intellectually but people who when you look back cause a pivotal shift to occur.
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    Apr 7 2012: Tony Robbins - He values the power of the question, as do I.
    Steven R. Covey - His principle centered leadership has helped me become the leader I want to be.
    Michael Gerber - Helped clarify my vision and to see much more of it with a wider lens.
    Brian Tracy - Very detail-oriented and observant on how people communicate effectively and what motivates them.
    Steve Jobs - Because if he can achieve what he did, I know I can achieve what I will. Plus he wasn't a bad designer ;P
    Eric Schmidt - His ability to work with someone else's vision, and make it grow.
    Mrs. Shaddey - My elementary school science teacher; for instilling me with a passion for science.
    His Holiness, the Dalai Lama - For his fervent pursuit of understanding peace and love while embracing the nature of the whole world.
    Jesus Christ - Whether fact or fiction the very idea of this man has been enough to inspire billions of people over the years to believe in the unseen, that alone is worth admiration.
    Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. - For being brave enough to stand up for equality.
    My grandmother and grandfather - For believing in me when all others had given up.
    Myself - It might sound egotistical and I don't mean it that way, but it is true. Looking back on my own journey and what I have overcome gives me the biggest boost of all, especially when viewed in the light of all those I mentioned above.

    And many others. I draw inspiration from all of life, absorbing all the good bits of every person I meet or learn about, fact or fiction. And maybe a little of the bad too (but not on purpose) :P
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    Mar 30 2012: Lau Tzo. The leader leads by not leading. Proper action by non-action.
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    Mar 29 2012: Ex-Prime minister Helen clark

    She wasn't a great leader but a great manager.
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    Mar 28 2012: grandmother.....superb!!!!!!