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I don’t want to work for money but I don’t feel much for living in a cardboard box.

I loath the whole concept of money. Having to to work a job where the major motivator is to make money makes me sick to the stomach.

I’m now 27 years old and I have had several jobs mostly in IT and I do oke I've been told I’m fairly good at my job. But every time my boss of a colleague makes a decision where they think of the budget first and then of the people I just HAVE to open my mouth.

I go home everyday dead tired while I have the feeling I haven’t really done anything that matters.

So my question to you fine members of TED:

I want to help people, communities, countries or the entire world if possible and move our society towards a better place.

I have a passion for education I believe its the key towards making the world a better place. But sadly current school systems are generally terrible and everything but inspiring to its students or teachers.

I want to learn, teach and inspire people.

So where do I go or where do I even start? Can anyone recommend me reading material, companies or educational institutions that might fit me?

Or anything at all really any advise is very welcome.

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    Mar 29 2012: Yesterday on NPR I heard an article about Alan Lomax, who travelled the country in the 30's doing field recordings of folk music because he had this idea that all music should be made available for all people to listen to. That guy travelled with a reel to reel in the trink of his car, powered by a car battery. While he worked like a dog all his life and never had ay money at all, he was doing what he loved - recording music to present to the world that the world otherwise may never know. Because of this, he is now a legend among those who study either musicology or any sort of culutral science for that matter.

    Basically, you want to be like Alan Lomax, you want to do something that is so worthwhile that you don't worry about money. The people interviewed said Alan never did. He just inspired enough donors with his vision that he always somehow found just enough money to finance his next project.

    What I say is not to stop worrying about money: stop worrying about the cardboard box. Don't think about what might happen if you don't get money. Think about doing something that is so important that it just has to get done because you know that it is a good thing for the world. Once you are focused on that goal, the monetary and moral support will come.
    • Mar 29 2012: Dear Verble Gherulous,

      That is a great and inspiring story.i will definitely keep this in mind :)
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        Mar 29 2012: Sir, i look forward to one day reading your inspiring story!
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    Mar 29 2012: Hi Robert, I can say with some certainty that you are not the only one with such views.

    My default too, is to open my mouth when told to do something where it is obvious that money takes precedence over people. Because of this resentment I chose to change career in mid-life and to re-train as a psychotherapist. With such training, I could then work for organisations who trumpeted such grand mission statements like: "Where People Matter!". I got the job, only to find out that it was just the same as working for any other organisation - people did not actually matter at all. The specificatons for supporting people were clearly being written by the organisation's funders, rather than being informed by the needs of people who were (and still are) obviously in crisis.

    As Azamat Akmatoff has already said on this thread, I too think being your own boss is hard to beat, if you want to avoid becoming a slave to the skewed morals of money and all that it now seems to stand for. Maybe a private teacher?

    The reading I always recommend is "The Master and His Emissary - The Divided Brain and the Making of the Western World" by psychologist and writer Iain McGilchrist. It is 500+ pages of the most amazing wisdom and insight as to how and why things have changed.

    If it is any consolation, when things do change for the better, you will be in a better positon than most to 'hit the ground running' so to speak, because you have already recognised that something has gone very wrong with this so-called 'reality' we now live in. That is a prelude for some positive and creative thinking as to what it could be that might replace such a broken system.

    I wish you the best of luck in what you choose to do.
    • Mar 30 2012: Dear Allan Macdougall,

      Thank you for you reply,

      I will have a look at that book you mentioned once I finish reading Arthur Koestler's Ghost in the machine.

      And you're right, I have little faith in the direction our society is going. So I'm quite busy learning core skills for survival and making sure I'm physically fit and have a selection of tools I might need in order to rebuilt.

      One side of me hopes it will never come that far and that we all come together and resolve the problems that plague our species.

      On the other hand I have little hope that will happen. The greater majority of the world won't move until they have their backs against the wall and when that happens i'm afraid it will be too late.

      But we will see... at least I'll be as prepared as I'll ever be.
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    Mar 29 2012: hi, Robert

    with the rise of OCCUPY coining the term 99% vs the 1% we can see that it is the 99% who keep this whole capitalistic cannibalistic corporate consumer world going - the challenge in front of us now is one you face - so in a sense you are ahead of your time - choosing ethical places to work - it is the future really - if we all felt like you and started walking out - a lot of world problems would be solved

    its still people who make the WMD ship them unload them and use them .....its still people who work for monsanto ...if they suddenly realised it was them doing their job that kept the world in this horrible place they would reconsider - of course it would be a challenge but it has to happen either by choice or by force or necessity

    its a huge challenge because as you rightly say most are money focused even charities - we have created a helping industry - but what i am trying to say is that with your skills and your feelings - look for work within the community in which you live - working for a community based organization that helps is ethical - even if you volunteer for one day a week while your looking/working elsewhere

    you might consider changing your beliefs about money - it has no value in and of itself - its a form of exchange - and although the system we live in places more value on it then necessary it is a resource to be utilized for good ..or could be ...

    your feelings are always the guide so follow your guts and see where they lead ....if you feel so passionately about it will happen ...and why don't you start your own business/company innovative ..creative wishes - i know you will if your passionate about it
    • Mar 30 2012: Thank you input,

      "of course it would be a challenge but it has to happen either by choice or by force or necessity"

      This is something I have pondered.

      Our society is a mess, I think we pretty much all agree on that. And sadly it doesn't look like this will chance any time soon. If things continue as they are our society is going to die a very slow and painful death one that will effect the lower and mid-class the most.

      It won't be until we hit rock bottom and our social, financial and our governments fall that we can really start to rebuilt our society without a monetary and political system as we do now.

      The million dollar question is:

      What is crueler and more inhumane?

      Do we let things go and people will continue to suffer for many years to come.

      Or do we take action to increase the fall of our own society?

      I'll leave the answer up to you.
  • Mar 28 2012: Hi Robert

    You said it yourself: "I don't want to work for money..."
    Well, then make sure the money work for you. just take your time and think about it.

    Think vs Worry

    Do you worry about money? or Do you think about money?

    The money isn't the issue here, but it is the issue of today.
    there is difference between the Rich and the Poor / Middle class.
    Rich has got a different approach to money, so has the poor.
    To think or to worry, that is the question.
    Rich says: "How can I afford it?" Poor says: "I can't afford it."

    Work vs Job

    As kids, for our home-Work we don't get paid.
    as adults for our job we get paid.

    There is a big difference between a Work and a Job.
    I guess what you got is a Job. (I will tall you what it stands for later on)
    Entrepreneurs hire qualified people for a job to do right because that's the work they do.
    and qualified employees do what they are told to do.

    you want to help other, you start with helping other to understand
    the difference between these things, Think / Worry, Work / Job, Assets / Liability, etc
    you start to help other to understand the use of money. let's call it Financial Education.
    they don't think us about money at schools not even at home, we start to learn about it when we get it in our hands.
    sometimes it is too late.

    I believe that today's young adults need to know how to be smart with their money.


    PS: If you are REALLY interested in helping others with Financial Education and you are PASSIONATE about this
    I will be happy to help you out with reading materials.
    • Mar 29 2012: Dear Edwin Nazarian,

      Many thanks for your reply.

      I strongly believe that our monetary system is broken.

      With that in mind I don’t think I will be able to teach people about to use money unless its to make a bonfire :)

      I guess that is the reason why I say I don’t want to work for money. I don’t want money to be the reason I wake up every morning nor do I want people to expect me to do something because I get paid for it.

      But you have giving me something to ponder about. I wonder if I could make a living by helping people to become less reliant on money. With that I don’t mean teaching them how to handle the money better but help them not to need it. Maybe I could advise people on green energy or something in that direction.
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    Mar 30 2012: You should take a look at both My idea here and My blog. I explain that free energy means the end of the need for money, freeing Us from wage slavery to follow Our bliss. It also frees Us from poverty, hunger, homelessness, oppression, and all economic models in favor of a social currency of appreciation, lauds, name recognition and Self satisfaction. Plus MANY other ills, including the LOVE of money (the root of all evil).
    • Mar 30 2012: Thank you for your reply Amaterasu Solar,

      I've actually did some dabbling in cheap and clean energy a few years back. Together with a friend of mine we created a working vortex generator with a budget of less then 500 euro. And it works but on our budget we really don't have the resources to make one that will efficiently generate enough power.

      But I'll have a look at your blog maybe I'll come across something interesting to try out :)
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        Mar 30 2012: I am not a technical person - My awareness of overunity ("free energy") comes from My father who worked with electrogravitics and enthusiastically talked about it and what it would mean for the world until it went into black projects. After that, He never mentioned His work again.

        What I offer is a solution to virtually all of Humanity's ills, predicated on the introduction of free energy, showing that money merely represents meaningful energy expended in an energy-scarce society and thus free energy will end the need for money when combined with robotics to replace Human energy in any necessary work no One wants to do.

        I also define a system of governance without government via the web, and other seed parameters for the chaos which is society (all societies are chaos systems) to emerge more like Star Trek and far from Road Warrior or Damnation Alley.

        It is ultimate freedom within three Laws.

        Do not willfully hurt or kill another Being

        Do not willfully take or damage another Being's property

        Do not willfully defraud another Being

        ("Being" - cap the "B" - is defined as sentient, sapient.)

        Enjoy Your exploration of the solution I offer. [smile]
  • Mar 29 2012: I would like to share some of the ideas I've learned with you.
    We all understand that this issue of 'working for something that matters' leads us to a deeper question about the sense of life on the whole, right? So far, neither scientists nor theologists have managed to explain that clearly for us. There was something in my life that made me think that there is a clear answer for this question and there is something we are living for. I am not speaking about thinks like falling in love or saving my close people's lives that definitely matters, no.
    A few years ago I received free classes in one organization which is aimed at distributing KNOWLEDGE to people around the world. This is about the ancient knowledge, a sort of system of codes which are left in ancient books, pieces of art, etc. The way they interpret this 'knowledge' is really amazing. The idea is that everything the ancient people of China, India, Mexico, Europe...talked about was the same, and this information concerned the sense of living - i.e. the task we all have to fulfill.
    For example, they talk about the categories of White vs Black or Good vs Evil not as mythological/philosophical categories, but as something real, about some metahistory we are living in. According to them, the economy we have is totally Black, it is EGOistic, the money was INVENTED by one black entity (they even give his name) to make people even blinder to the things that really matter (!). I can imagine your reaction to what I'm saying. It sounds like a fairy-tale, doesn't it? Well, at least that's the idea, and they give a fair amount of information regarding this, so these are not just empty words.
    So the only problem we all have is our EGO (the concept of Ego here mismatches with that of Freud). To dissolve our own ego (egoism) is the HARDEST work in the world ever. To help people to understand that it's necessary is their mission.
    It is more than religion. If it's something you might be interested in, we could talk more
    • Mar 30 2012: Dear Tatiana Isaeva,

      You actually bring up a topic that fascinates me immensely.

      But it doesn't really surprise me that knowledge was shared in this fashion.

      The only way you’re going to share knowledge and ensure everyone interprets it in the same way is to set a definition of “vague” terms like good and evil.

      Especially if your goal is to distribute knowledge across different countries where people have a different way of life, different beliefs and different definitions of what is good and what is evil.

      I believe that our ego is really what defines us. It’s the one thing that always changes yet stays the same. Regardless of what happens to us our ego will be part of us. It will change as we live our lives but it will never leave us at least not until we die (and even that we can’t say for certain).

      I've been thinking and meditating on something similar.

      What makes us human? Many people and religions have tried to define this.

      A large group believes this is the soul. It is often defined as our spiritual energy and I believe that is true or at least that is the best definition I can come up with.

      Ones ego – as i define it – is not so much a good or bad thing. It’s our self interest and its something everyone has. In the end we are all selfish creatures and even acts of kindness or even self sacrifice are egoistic actions on our part.

      And then of course there is our physical body. Because we know what happens to our body when we die people see it as expendable. But this is only because we have no clue what happens to our soul or ego when we die.

      But non the less, our body is also part of us and it influences our soul and our ego.

      I came to refer the combination of our soul, ego and body as our “Ghost”. And I'm currently debating with myself if we where to replace our entire body would we still be human?

      If I could somehow make my work about thinking about this that would be amazing :D
      • Mar 30 2012: By the way, have you heard about the so-called practical philosophy and consultancy? I've learned about them just recently (you can check out about Oscar Brenifier). They sort of teach the art of asking questions and reasoning about life, but I don't know much about this thing. Maybe it could be somehow helpful concerning your last comment =)

        As for the ego-spiritual energy (soul)-physical body combination, I find your views quite right. As for the lack of empirical or obvious data with regard to what happens after the main systems of our physical body stop functioning and whether we are still alive and whether we still *are* ( like humans) after the physical death - I think we have to admit that these things are really unprovable, unless each of us personally experience it on his own. Even if I had this experience of something transcendental, I couldn't prove to the rest that what I experienced is true. Mainly because apriori we are (or the rest of the world is) limited by the 'sound sense' paradigm, our 3-dimensional (and no-more) world conception and so on. And of course, there are people who argue they were between life and death and saw some things on the other side of death. There are people who claim they know what they did, where they lived and who they were in their past lives. That's interesting, intriguing or curious at least. There are even scientifically-based research and psycho-hypnotic practices to make people recollect something about their past lives. I think there definitely should be something about this, though only one's personal experience, that is knowing for sure, makes you believe it. Intellectually, i.e. theoretically, we could equally prove both points - yes and no (whether we remain without a body or not). However, these are things which stand really above the intellect.
      • Mar 30 2012: At the classes I mentioned in my first reply, they also used to comment a lot about the stuff we are discussing here. I went to that school a few years ago when I lived in Moscow. They are still there and still give classes for free, so if you would like to explore it by yourself, I could give you their contacts. I'm sure they would be happy to do this (maybe via Skype).
        • Mar 30 2012: Thank you so much!

          The work of Oscar Brenifier looks very interesting and I wish I had known about him last year as they apparently had a conference in my country just a few months ago.

          But most of all I would love to take you up on your offer if any of their classes are in English because my Russian is a bit rusty.
      • Mar 30 2012: Yeah, they could do it in English, but as I've just learned, the person who actually speaks English (her mother tongue is Spanish though) is going to be away for about two weeks. So around April 10th, I guess, you both could see each other online. I hope this will work.
        Here is my email
        Please, send me yours and I'll forward it to her directly.

        Also, I would like to thank you because this topic is really important. Personally, I am very pleased to take part in this discussion. Writing here gave me some kind of fulfillment.

        Last couple of days I've read and thought quite a lot on the 'work' problem on the whole. Mainly, those articles concerned the idea of non-office working space, coworking space, home-working (If interested, recommend you look at this, but that was just about the form of working, while you raised the 'what for' question which is just primordial to any activity we are involved in.

        So thank you!
        • Apr 3 2012: I'm happy you enjoyed our discussion.

          End of May I'll have a extended holiday of sorts and I hope its oke if I contact you at that time. I'll have all the time to focus and think on what ever we end up talking about :)
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    Mar 29 2012: I think alot of us go through these feelings when we start to work.....I remember thinking, I should have stayed in college longer and learned about more fields of study.

    Working day in a day out without a purpose is tedious, and can be disheartening.

    You need a purpose for your life. A job provides the funds to get you where you want to be.

    The key is balance.

    Sit and write down goals.

    If you can save money and then take a year off and do a sabbatical, to pursue your dream that might infuse you with the strength you need to keep going.

    I will admit, the whole time I was reading your introduction the word "missionary" kept ringing in my ear.
    Missionaries are out on a is not important.....educating others is, and their expenses are paid for.
    If you are a person of faith, then perhaps you ought to pray about this situation.

    Just my thoughts and opinion.

    Be Well
    • Mar 29 2012: @ Dear Mary M.,

      Thank you for your reply but I have to so I don’t completely agree.

      Sure you could use your job in order to achieve your goals. But I would rather achieve my goals trough my job.

      But you’re right, like others have mentioned, I have to start writing down my goals and that is partly why I posted here on TED. To get get things in perspective and learn from the ideas and experiences of the people here.

      And sadly I’m not a man of faith though I have considered becoming a buddhist monk a try and maybe I will in the future. But not being allowed to have a relationship with a woman is a bit of a downer for me.
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        Mar 29 2012: Well, I'm glad I gave you one good pointer.

        I'm glad you did not become a buddhist monk.

        And what you have to keep in mind Robert is not to get overwhelmed with yourself.

        Take it slow. Contentment is essential with any facet of your life.

        If you cannot change your circumstances at present, then by all means work on changing your attitude. Because truly most of us are not 100% happy with what we do daily.

        Buy out time for what you are passionate about. It's like when I started to go to college. I had to work full time answering phones for a credit card company.....I could only take one class at a time at college at 7:00 am and then worked 9:30-5:00. I was miserable....and very tired.....and spent nights working on researtch papers....but as I saved more and more money, I decreased my hours at work, and increased the classes at school.

        Then finally I got a full ride scholarship for my last year.......Just take it one day at a time, and put comcrete short and long term goals in writing....

        You CAN do it!!! I am a woman of faith....I will pray for you.
        • Mar 30 2012: Thank you :)

          The Buddhist Monk is more of a last resort plan. When all else fails I'll go meditate on a mountaintop somewhere.

          Even though I'm not a man of faith I respect everyone's choice of faith and I'm thankful you will pray for me :)
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    Mar 29 2012: Its difficult when you don't have a trust fund etc

    Most of us need to work to survive and perhaps thrive.

    I guess one extreme is to work for money and do community work in your freetime, holidays
    If you do well enough you can retire from the money work and dedicate more time to your passion.

    The other would be working in a field closer to your passion.

    An intermediate step might be using your IT skills for whatever groups you are most into.

    Or you could use the usual life coach stuff to set your goals and make a plan and do it.

    At some point I suggest you will need to get more specific.

    Maybe join several groups that appeal.

    Good luck with it.
    • Mar 29 2012: @ Dear Obey No1kinobe,

      Thank you for your reply and you make a good point.

      I don't think I could keep up both a full-time job and do community work on the side. At least not in a way that could give it my all.

      I have quite a bit of experience in IT and it would be the easiest skill for me to use for my goals. Then again skill is nothing more then time, reason and a chance.

      If I believed I could reach my goals by becoming a nuclear fysicist all I need is time and mentor and I would make it so.

      Or if I believed I could reach my goals by picking up arms I would. Sadly and luckily I’m against violence :)

      So it’s really more about why I do it instead of what I do.

      But I agree… I have to find something where I can focus my passion to help people on.
  • Mar 29 2012: "I don’t want to work for money but I don’t feel much for living in a cardboard box."

    Have you hear about Minimalism? The basic idea is that you minimize your expenses while maintaining or increasing your happiness. Here is a great web site with many inspiring posts and explanation about what minimalism is about:

    "Having to to work a job where the major motivator is to make money makes me sick to the stomach. I go home everyday dead tired while I have the feeling I haven’t really done anything that matters."

    Have you consider working for non-profit organization? Or work for an educational institution in IT position?

    "I want to help people, communities, countries or the entire world if possible and move our society towards a better place.
    I have a passion for education I believe its the key towards making the world a better place. But sadly current school systems are generally terrible and everything but inspiring to its students or teachers."

    I do share many of your feelings and goals. I think it is important to realize that you can make small changes every day toward your goals. Eventually you can earn money while helping others directly and enjoying what you are doing. For example, nowadays robotics is a big thing and schools are looking for after-school robotics programs for kids. Is that something you can try to teach? Showing kids robots and let experiment can be lots of fun.

    Eventually you could have your own courses for primary and/or secondary students and use latest methods of teaching with hands-on experience that Salman Khan promotes?

    • Mar 29 2012: Dear Zdenek Smith

      Thank you for your insights,

      In my opinion I already live pretty Minimalistic.

      I do own a car but don’t use it very often. Only when I have to go a long distance and public transportation can’t get me there or its raining cats and dogs.
      I own a tv but its connected to my computer and I don’t have a tv subscription.

      And there is just nothing that beats hanging around with friends in the park, going swimming or playing Frisbee :)

      As for working in education, it has crossed my mind but the school system here has little to no freedom for teachers to improvise. They just have to follow along with whatever the education board decides.

      But I’ll have another look and see if there are any special programs or what not that don’t require a teaching degree.

      Another thing I think I would really enjoy is to think and work out idea’s to improve.. anything really.

      I see so many things that are just broken by design but no one cares enough because its not their job to fix it. I guess that would be mostly local administration I guess I could inform there but I doubt they are interested but I’ll give it a go anyways.

      The whole concept of Khan Academy is amazing.

      If there is anything I could do to help them I would love to. I know they have classes in computer science which is not really my cup of tea. I wonder if they would be interested in providing basic computer usage classes. Maybe focusing on opensource / free-ware applications anyone can use.
      • Mar 29 2012: Hello Robert,

        A few more thoughts =)

        In terms of teaching, after-school programs and/or programs in local communities could be a good start. Eventually you could rent a space and have your own "school" where parents bring kids to improve on many subjects (since the public system is not as efficient in catering individual needs).

        Have you try to volunteer at Khan Academy? You can also look for meetup in your city and see what they are up to.

        Good luck.
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    Mar 29 2012: i understand - you are out side the square - possibly there are a few others but most others will be found securely within the square but thinking like you - money has become the be all - one now has to pay to live and so many cannot afford it - my motto is do it for the love of it being the highest form of energy in the capitalist system is only one form of energy - none of the thing you ask for will help you - go to your local community look around - ask your heart to guide you - a quality of life can be had by being of service in your community by following your passion and sharing it ....a word of warning - don't set up to many obstacles there is no inherent meaning in money or having money excepting the value we ourselves place on it be careful that you are not creating obstacles where there are none in that want ethical employment where serving is primary and finances are secondary
    • Mar 29 2012: Dear jenese james belzer,

      Thank you for your reply and you’re right, I never really did like squires in the first place :)

      But looking for a job that puts ethics before money is hard. Almost every company will claim they do it all to serve their costumer but that is rarely the case. Even most charity organisations are all about the money in the end.

      Guess I’ll have to look in the direction of state sponsored projects or such.

      If I could live of helping people for free I would. And I have no problem with sacrificing the bigger house or the big car for that dream. I would rather wake up early and walk to work for a hour and do something that I feel is right and not make a dime then drive anywhere, make a fortune and feel miserable at the end of the day.
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    Apr 28 2012: Hello Robert,
    I too work for IT industry and I can understand your frustration , I am 24 years of age but after going through lot of self help books that Money is essential , it is a medium of exchange .Everyone needs money , it is always the love for money which is the root cause of all evils. However we need to find our hidden passion . To realize that we just need to meditate believe in something known as subconscious mind . Seems like we both have similar interests, lets realize it through TED or any wonderful NGO
    Hope it solves your question.Any clarification, feel free to mail me or add me on Skype bharath525 we can definetly discuss it over :)

    Best Regards,
  • Apr 20 2012: You want to help people, communities, countries or the entire world if possible and move our society towards a better place.
    I am working alongside a health an wellness company doing this in 83 countries including the Netherlands. Working with this company I am able to be my own boss, have complete control of my schedule, and get to make a difference in many people's lives. Please contact me if you would like more information about how to you can make a difference too.

    Michael Pignatelli
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    Apr 15 2012: Hi Robert,

    I have always had the same thought as you - to work for the greater cause and not for money. If you do not mind, I would like to share a bit of my journey in answering that particular question myself.

    I think I reached a personal understanding of how I want to live my life around few years back when I was questioning this same question to myself. I had just graduated from a prestigious business school and was ready to embark on a prestigious business career. Yet, something within me felt it was just not right. I did not want to succumb to the idea of generating profits for the sake of accumulating somebody's wealth. I did not want to be a corporate slave and I would like to define my own understanding of an ideal job - regardless the fact I did not have any idea on how to define it. Following common sense, I took up a job at a marketing research company as a junior qualitative researcher. I excelled in no time, my boss loved me and I was ready to be promoted to senior position only after 6 months of work. But the burning desire to not let myself surrender to what I did not want to become was greater than the temptation of higher professional status. So I quit.

    Just like you, I am immensely interested in education. In fact, I had been wanting to become a teacher since I was still in elementary school. It's a thought I have always stored at the back of my mind but just like what Sir Ken Robinson stated in his video, everyone around me told me I should not dream to become a teacher as I would never be rich with that profession. After I quit my marketing career, I started a low-paying underestimated job as the receptionist at a school. It was humiliating if I let myself to see it that way, but it turned out to be fulfilling as I knew I was already on the right track. Now I am on my journey to pursue a master's degree in education, to learn more about character education in children and implement the idea of "live your dream" in children.
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    Apr 15 2012: (continued from my previous post)

    I would say that I have found what my life purpose is and I am very happy with it.

    I think when we, as humans, have reached a firm grasp of understanding of what we want to use our life as (an educator, in my case) we get to experience life in a different way from our surroundings. I see other worldly things differently now. My perceptions on things have changed - on money significantly. I no longer see money as a definite requirement to live a life, but I see it as a media with which I can reach my dream. When I took the receptionist job, I did not care about the money at all. It was enough to pay some bills but I know it's a stepping stone to a greater dream. I think you should take on a job that will be a stepping stone to what you dream of doing in the future.

    Lastly, I have to admit that the reason why I am so intrigued to reply to you is because I want to make an offer to you. I am starting an online magazine - a non-profit business - with which I aspire to be able to inspire people around the world. My vision is to inspire people to become a better version of themselves, to value each small effort in making a change in their limited world - and to finally become an inspiration towards others. This business, as I would make profits, will not be the usual business whereas the sole purpose is generating countless profits. This business will create profits to aid the greater cause. The founders, me and my best friends, are ordinary young people who would like to liberate ourselves from having to work for money and empty goals. You mentioned that you're an IT person, and it would be interesting if we can work together.

    My email is Feel free to contact me. All in all, I am glad if my answer is of any help.
  • Apr 12 2012: ( 2nd part) I detect at the beginning of your comments in the article you wrote, the frustration you have as you have been brought into servitude by necessity for money. Obviously you have needs, and the only way you've found to fulfill them in the society we live in is to place yourself in servitude for money in order to not have to live in a “cardboard box.” When you comprehend the purpose for life and recognize that the societies that have been created don't open the way for “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” to it's fullest extent (though some of those societies are better than others) it leads us to the conclusion we have not found or employed a more perfect way. That purpose is directly related to that society's ability in transforming it's environment and surroundings through the creative energies we possess and that by voluntary actions in accord with one another and not for monetary gain. Creativity by desire and the fulfillment of that desire gives not only one purpose, but satisfaction. There is much more that can be said about this type of society and how to create it, but that's all voluntary. Feel free to contact or comment back to me. Michael
  • Apr 12 2012: Hi Robert,
    One of the answers to your question is in relationship to the type of society that works without the use of money. This kind of society is neither an open nor closed society. But a covenant society. A covenant society is one in which you voluntarily work and interact with your fellow beings because you have a great desire to serve others with a passion using the talents and gifts you possess. This kind of society neither forces you because of the need for money to work, nor does it force you because you have a dictator directing every aspect of your life. It is neither a socialist, communist society extracting from your energies those talents, your time nor your money through taxes. Nor is it an anarchist "anything goes" society, it is not a “just me, self centered” society. It is based on the desires, beliefs, and fundamental principles that allows by choice, which is the mechanism through which your agency is used to work using those talents, time and creative endeavors to fulfill and satisfy those desires. This voluntary covenant society has at it's core a fundamental principle that allows individuals to interact in a way that no other type of society can provide. It is agency, with choice, coupled with a burning desire to associate and interact with others of like mind, which is the powerhouse motivation that allows it to work. This type of society not only has empathy, but has in each individual member a great charity for one another, like unto yourself. It has been said in other words “love they neighbor as thyself.” I would not want to bring my neighbor, my fellow being into servitude or slavery for the use of money, or forced compulsion anymore than I would want for myself.
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    Apr 11 2012: Hi Robert !
    I myself are very much in the same position as you,(just a few years older) its frightening and inspierering at the same time. its only a few months since i started thinking like you but its a snowboll that will NOT be stoped. You can say im hoping for a avalanche. im very much inspired by many TED talkers, and i think my current coal right now will be local politics and union-commitment. Curse like you i dont know really where to go or where to start but i feel this is the place for me to start the innovation we need to change the world.

    please chek out these talkers: Dan Pink on the surprising science of motivation, Jennifer Pahlka: Coding a better government, Iain McGilchrist: The divided brain.

    Keep up the good fight for a better world.
  • Apr 11 2012: Start a blog and write down your ideas, struggles, and other thoughts. Write often. Then, ask those who care about you to read it.

    As I'm sure you are aware, there is no instant fix to this. But starting a blog, I have found, is a great way to both learn from those around you and process what you are thinking. It could be a good step in this journey you are on.
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    Apr 10 2012: A wise man once said, in the face of darkness there are but two choices; one to shout at it or two to be a light in it.
    My belief is that we live in a fallen world ,if the situation you face makes you angry then it's possible to channel anger into passion to be that "light". to do otherwise can lead to bitterness and despair.
    I think it is possible to focus on the positive difference our being in a negative situation brings and learn from it.

    Money per se is not a problem ,rather it is the love of money that is the root of all evil. On a personal level money =options and I pray for the character to choose the right option.
  • Apr 6 2012: I have this sort of attitude toward money as well.
    Unfortunately, it's nearly impossible to live without at least some money if for nothing but to gain security such as property, with which to self-sustain and pay taxes.
    Check out Suze orman's book, "The Courage to be Rich".. she's a financial advisor, and the book is about our relationship to money, but it's emphasis is on how we develop self-defeating attitudes toward money, and changing our focus toward creating a life the way we want it to be. i.e., money is not the end, but a means.
    There is the "Voluntary Simplicity"movement, minimalism, and other lifestyles that offer many ideas to scale back how much money you need day to day. Turns out a materialistic lifestyle is pretty disappointing, and damaging to the planet as well. There's a strong incentive for people with depth of thought to adopt more thoughtful lifestyles and behaviors. There is a trend in the West as we see where we have been. Unfortunately, Developing economies now embrace what some now pine to leave behind, convinced that consumerism produces a desirable outcome. These parts of the world are in a mad rush to learn this lesson as well, having seen the West flaunting wealth and inspiring desire for it. Some developments will be very good, healthcare, housing, security, education. Other aspects of consumerism will create huge problems for the world. Energy and resource scarcity, environmental degradation...
    A very interesting development is the "Permaculture' movement, which teaches methods for self sufficiency as well as promoting inter-dependant local economies, alternative economics, skill-sharing, "hours-banks" to trade labor, time, skills or expertise. Permaculture just generally seeks to build a local economy "at" scale, rather than the incessant push to scale up in order to amass wealth.
    There is likely some permaculture group or activists in your area to team up with, it is an international movement.
    You are not alone.
  • Apr 4 2012: I have had the same problems concerning money and profit motive: that is, whenever trying to apply to a job, it seems I back out at some point when current tasks supersede the desire for money - the main reason I wanted a job was for experience and responsibility.

    That being said, some interesting books that come to mind include Creating A World Without Poverty (Muhammad Yunus, 2007) and Drive (Daniel H. Pink, 2009). Humans are not one-dimensional reward/profit-oriented beings and these books make that fact clear.

    You seem to have some interesting ideas, so why not create a youtube channel or something like that to express them and see how they might be applied? I've been trying to do that myself, but perpetrually became mired in procrastination.
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    Mar 30 2012: you change your world - that is - your own personal sphere of influence - your own thoughts and feelings first will change your own environment - you cannot change the world - that is the job of each individual within it - but you have compassion for those that are stuck tight in a system of beliefs that have never ever been who we really are

    society is a mess - no doubts about it - because it has based its way of living and being and thinking on erroneous concepts that have been so limiting and rigid - most of us feel it even if we don't fully understand it - change is happening though

    you cannot save the world - to save the world you would have to heal yourself first and by that you would be asked to take a deeper inner journey and examine your own systems of beliefs about life and most refuse to do that because they are so caught up in the external worlds

    you seem to be feeling the need for a change and that is the start of it

    people suffer every day all over the world -abuse of power starves people, deprives them of essentials - abuse of power creates wars and lays waste to human lives every day cannot stop that - you can only look on with compassion and a deep knowing within that you can only change yourself in relation to the world

    we don't let things continue - we start stopping it by stopping our beliefs that buy into it - the change starts with us as they say - we take personal action in our own spheres of influence - usually our own lives by choosing to live with integrity and work ethically in the world ....that in and of itself will help bring about a change - so many are already doing it

    this humanity refuses to own and to see that could really open their eyes - but this is a humanity built on lies - on rigid conformity based in controlling and dominating all life - using fear as its controlling or motivating force - to change it is to step away from the system of beliefs that enforce it - and that is where your question started :-)
  • Mar 30 2012: Maybe try working at a non-government organization ? You can find tons of them on the net and the only question is which one is closest to home and which one works for a cause you agree with (doing education right per se)

    Most of them accept volunteers happily :)

    As to not living in a cardboard box maybe try the whole volunteer work slowly: volunteer on weekends until you work your way up with experience and learn to manage a tighter budget until you can finally leave your paying job.

    Or you could always do missionary work if your the type of guy...

    Anyway, good luck with finding what you're looking for ;)
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    Mar 29 2012: Mr.Nieto said:" But every time my boss of a colleague makes a decision where they think of the budget first and then of the people I just HAVE to open my mouth.

    I go home everyday dead tired while I have the feeling I haven’t really done anything that matters."

    I feel the exact same way... I think you could start your own start-up...
    • Mar 29 2012: Dear Azamat Akmatoff,

      If starting my own business is the best way to reach my goals I will.

      But before I can do that I first have to define the scope of my ambitions before I can make that decision.