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"If you can't win, change the rules." this is what we should do with financial crisis.

Peter Diamandis in the one of his talks said "If you can't win, change the rules" and this is what we should do with financial crisis. We have got now much better technology and ideas so we should use these all of things to make better future. We should stop listen politicians and we should just take care about ourself. In this way we can use the Internet as a tool for direct democracy which could change the rules and could let us win.


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  • Apr 11 2012: I beleive the problem is with the currency system - mainly that FIAT currency has no intrinsic value. I've come up with an alternative currency system, an energy based system, which for the sake of debate is called banana bucks. Have a look at www.bananabucks.org for the details. Let me know what you think.
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      Apr 24 2012: I read your book. I wanted to learn about your utopia - but now I see it's more of a Fruitopia...


      Just kidding - I'm in the mood for Simpsons references.

      So, your Fundament is like an closed bubble-economy dealing strictly with energy-products, the relationship between those products and its monetary value, and the printing/distribution of that money to employees of the Fundament (assumably farmers, educators, miners, et. al.) and to the general people. The people then use the currency to spend the energy produced/stored/distributed by the Fundament in an open market system which deals with all matters of art and luxury (non-energy-products). It's like a relationship between a "socialist" economic bubble (only in the sense that it is a centralized and unrivaled organization, I understand that it's not controlled by the government) dealing with energy-products, and a capitalist market dealing with all art/culture/luxury. Or have I misread?
      • Apr 24 2012: Lol - you must let me know which Simpsons episode that is, your reference eludes me.

        Yes, your summary seems more or less correct.

        Just to note that the freemarket (capitalist market) can use the energy from the Fundament in its production. For example, a car requires water and electricity to make, and that energy can be supplied by the Fundament. The cars price will include the the cost of the energy from the Fundament.

        The most concise description I can think of is a currency system that provides energy as the intrinsic value that the currency is based on.

        Thanks for reading it.


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