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"If you can't win, change the rules." this is what we should do with financial crisis.

Peter Diamandis in the one of his talks said "If you can't win, change the rules" and this is what we should do with financial crisis. We have got now much better technology and ideas so we should use these all of things to make better future. We should stop listen politicians and we should just take care about ourself. In this way we can use the Internet as a tool for direct democracy which could change the rules and could let us win.


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  • Mar 28 2012: Jolie I agree with you but try to look at this from diferent point of view, we have already a lot of great ideas, we have a lot of great tools but we don't really use it. Through the financial crisis, maybe rather through the current political/financial system we don't realy use our potential. Look at what is going on in Greece now,about 50% of young people are unemployment, 50% of young people which could have great ideas, which could change the world do nothing, they just spend time trying to survive. The same things start going on in other countries such as Poland. A lot of young people which have good education background are unemployed or doing some basic jobs. How many of us do what realy want to do? How many of us do something what could change our future?

    Jedrek I hope that is not to late and I think that now is a goot time for change because people started to notice that now we don't realy have any choice because "representative democracy" just doesn't work.

    Ailwyn I know that write off debt is not a solution, but I am sure that debt is the reason.
    Anyway have you ever think about why for example FED can create money but goverment of USA, UK etc can't do this? Google "Money as a debt" and watch simple movie and try to think about it.
    • Apr 3 2012: 50% unemployment. Half the labour force is unproductive because there is no money to reward their labour. A solution would be to create a website where people sign up, fill out a "resume"/skills page, a contract and social security information. People can ask them on that site to do work - whether regular jobs or odd jobs. They don't pay with money - they pay with 'points'. The net balance of points is always 0. Each participant is allowed limited debt and interest is charged if you stay in debt too long. If you want to leave the site you need to either have a positive balance (which will be refunded in the cash equivalent) or pay back your debt (with cash equivalent). Participants would pay taxes on 'points' income earned on this site. Basically a websites parallel economy could allow people to remain productive when the general economy doesn't. It's a medium to allow the exchange of skills/labour when there is no money to facilitate it.

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