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"If you can't win, change the rules." this is what we should do with financial crisis.

Peter Diamandis in the one of his talks said "If you can't win, change the rules" and this is what we should do with financial crisis. We have got now much better technology and ideas so we should use these all of things to make better future. We should stop listen politicians and we should just take care about ourself. In this way we can use the Internet as a tool for direct democracy which could change the rules and could let us win.


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    Mar 29 2012: Great. I change the rules that I do not have to pay the electric bill. Oops a light just went out ... the frige stoped ... I better type fast ..... That was a bad ide
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      Apr 2 2012: This is certainly one way of interpreting the quote, and one that results in lights out. Can you think of a way to change the rules and keep the lights on?
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        Apr 2 2012: Tyler, I made a long answer above to your question. The reason we have so many problems is that the rules keep changing and we continue to lose. These changes are almost always smoke and mirrors. Politicians say what is necessary to stay on the gravey train. Return to Constitutional government, the feds have four areas to administer stick to that and return the power to the states where it was originally assigned. Stop listening to the party platform and learn to think things through and seperate the "hope and change" into "truth, knowledge, and responsibility". Stop the "free" promises and know that there are no free lunches .. someone always has to pay. Take the checkbook away from irresponsible spenders and hold them accountable. If you and I outspend our income we go to jail. That should happen at the highest level where the trust of the people has been violated. As long as there are no consequences there will always be stupid political decisions. Your reply to Tomasz stated there is no need to talk about war .... we are in a war for our very survival in the US. This is the most important election I can think of. I can no longer support the current administration and will vote to save the Republic and not follow the party platform. Sorry to stand on the soap box. We the people do govern through our vote. Make it count. All the best. Bob.
        • Apr 8 2012: It seems that America was built on the "free lunch" paid for by someone else. What about homesteading in the good old days? What about the mining law of 1872? What about the railroads getting "alternating sections". Really, it was all stolen from the original inhabitants. All the natural resources were "free" if you had the money and force to take them. The problem is its all gone! Weren't the original "settlers" saying " we don't want to get along with these people, let's just change the rules, kill them and take their stuff."? Let's put aside the "return to original principles" that really didn't exist. I'm certainly no advocate of ANY of these big govt schemes, after all, I'm a gypsy. When the golden age is restored will you legalize nomadism? You know of course that "illegal lodging" is the law of the land. The public lands belong to the people who have an economic reason to occupy them and sell people on the idea that it's in the "public interest" to encourage corporate use of them. Hounded from pillar to post if you just want sleep there.

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