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Is History an important subject in school? Or should we be focusing on the future?

In a year 3 essay on dinosaurs I once concluded (much to my teachers dismay) on the statement "We should not learn about dinosaurs in school, because they are in the past, and we need to focus on the future." I now see that history is important, but is it important enough to be a main part of classrooms around the world?

Do you think that history should be condensed or eliminated, and replaced by more pressing issues?


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  • Apr 8 2012: It seems irresponsible to not study history--history of anything! But to think that we "learn" from history is somewhat of an illusion. I feel that we only learn selective elements in history and probably pay more attention to history when it cost resources such as time, money or material. As we say in my field (information), if you want to learn from history, indicate how expensive the mistake was. Yet sadly, no mention is ever made of how many jobs a mistake cost meaning that welfare is an insufficient learning motivator. I know that this sounds terribly materialistic and almost wrong but I assure you that it's probably not--just difficult to realize. Think of the number of times genocide has happened in our recorded history and despots--even today--continue genocidal practices falsely believing that their regime is justified. Study history because it's the responsible thing to do but also realize that we don't necessarily learn from it.

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