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Is History an important subject in school? Or should we be focusing on the future?

In a year 3 essay on dinosaurs I once concluded (much to my teachers dismay) on the statement "We should not learn about dinosaurs in school, because they are in the past, and we need to focus on the future." I now see that history is important, but is it important enough to be a main part of classrooms around the world?

Do you think that history should be condensed or eliminated, and replaced by more pressing issues?


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  • Apr 6 2012: I find History a particularly interesting topic I often find myself exploring and studying on my own. You raised an interesting argument.

    Despite many people considering, and perhaps absurdly, "that History helps us understand the future", I regard that History particularly helps us understand the present. Until high school, I was under this type of thinking and found it the "perfect" way to teach and study History: to always relate/compare it with the present. At first it was hard relating Greek and Roman stuff with 20xx, but it all made sense in the end. As James mentioned, there should be a balance in History, while always making the students think "How does this affect us, right here, right now?".
    Of course, History is a very long matter, from the Big Bang to the contemporary times. It is interesting to bring History to classrooms, it helps develop kids' way of thinking overall and their way of interpret the present - as well as bringing their little heads some "national culture", and perhaps interest future successful Historians, Archaeologists, Paleontologists.

    Dinosaurs are a very pre-historic particular matter in History, but we can't ignore dinosaurs and pretend they never existed. It is interesting to the study of biology (it helped me) and helps understand the evolution of planet Earth, it is also useful for fiction (and it would be wrong to let future children pair dinosaurs with unexisting creatures like vampires, zombies or werewolves).

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