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Is History an important subject in school? Or should we be focusing on the future?

In a year 3 essay on dinosaurs I once concluded (much to my teachers dismay) on the statement "We should not learn about dinosaurs in school, because they are in the past, and we need to focus on the future." I now see that history is important, but is it important enough to be a main part of classrooms around the world?

Do you think that history should be condensed or eliminated, and replaced by more pressing issues?


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    Mar 29 2012: Lets take it the Corporate Strategy way. First we should know about our past (History) to understand what we are. Then we should focus on the future (what we want to achieve). Only then can the strategy be implemented. History helps to preserve our language, culture,. traditions and ethics. We should modify ourselves according to the changing times but should never stay rigid. Future and Past and related in some way which makes the study of history absolutely essential.

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